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If there is one thing that Canadians should be proud of, it should be Jim Carrey. A Canadian born in Newmarket, Ontario, Jim Carrey has won the hearts of all comedy lovers around the world. Many of his movies are full of hysterics and stay with viewers for long periods of time. Others movies are serious, where Carrey purports a serious and historical meaning. These movies also last with viewers for decades. As such, here are the top 10 Jim Carrey movies.


1. Dumb and Dumber (1994):

This 1990s film was truly one of his best and earliest works. Jim Carrey portrays an individual who has little talent, money and intellect. He finds a suitcase full of cash and embarks on a trip with his friend to find the individual who left it behind. On the road trip he and his friend encounter laughable events as well as mishaps that have viewers flying out of their seats with laughter.


2. The Truman Show (1998):

Jim Carrey portrays Truman Burbank, an individual who unknowingly is part of a 24 hour reality show about himself. In the movie he tries to embark on a mission to find out more about himself and who he really is. Popular Mechanics magazine argued that this film was one of the best farsighted scientific fiction films. Erik Sofge also argues that this film reflects how fake reality television is. This movie has been nominated for several awards such as the Golden Globe Awards.


3. Bruce Almighty (2003):

Jim Carrey portrays Bruce Nolan, an individual who has had little luck in his life. In the movie, Bruce is given a chance to perfect life by God who gives him power. Bruce serves to change many things in his life by affecting others. In the end he learns to value what he has including his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Aniston. This movie is riveting and fun for the whole family. Jim Carrey is back to his old tricks and will have viewers flying out of their seats with laughter here as well.


4. The Mask (1994):

This 1990s movie is also one Jim Carrey’s best early works. His character, Stanley Ipkiss is a nice guy who often is a pushover. He finds a mask which allows him to do some naughty and somewhat dangerous acts. These acts lead Ipkiss into trouble with the mafia, who wants the person behind the mask dead. This movie again is full of laughs as Carrey portrays a green and almost clown looking individual who plays puns and riddles throughout the movie.


5. Liar Liar (1997):

You wouldn’t want to tell a lie after watching what Jim Carrey’s character goes through in the movie Liar Liar. The movie has an excellent moral meaning to it and is funny at the same time. It teaches others that lying could cause rift in one’s life. Some of the things Jim Carrey says and does in the movie are hilarious, including when he tells a co-worker that he has better sex than her.


6. Batman Forever (1995):

Jim Carrey ‘s portrayal of the Riddler is marvellous and spectacular. He is funny and at the same time is an excellent evil antagonist, who kills and plots revenge on Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) for rejecting his new invention. Jim Carrey’s role in Batman Forever earned him a nomination for Best Villain at the MTV Awards.


7. Man on the Moon (1999):

Jim Carrey portrays Andy Kaufman, in this biographical film. This movie chronicles a real life individual, Andy Kaufman from his to childhood to stardom. It examines the TV appearances that Kaufman made that also made him famous. Carrey won a Golden Globe for this historical portrayal. However one should note that many of the scenes in the movie were fictionalized for satire purposes.


8. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994):

Playing a pet fanatic and lover, Jim Carrey again has his viewers and fans laughing and riveting. He behaves as a criminal animal to solve the mystery of the stolen Miami Dolphin mascot two weeks before the Super Bowl game. This movie along with Dumb and Dumber and the Mask helped launch Carrey’s career as an actor.


9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas:

This movie is great for the whole family. Jim Carrey plays a funny, green creature, who is obsessed with taking away Christmas. Many children read Dr. Seuss’ book about the Grinch. Carrey made this movie into reality by sparking children’s interests and love for Dr. Seuss. He transformed the movie into something riveting and exciting, with an excellent moral meaning in the end. According to the NY Times, this was Jim Carrey’s highest earning movie at $260 million, gross.


10. The Magestic (2000):

Jim Carrey plays Peter Appleton, a screenwriter who is accused of being a communist in 1950s. Having a career that is ruined, Appleton gets into an accident where his car falls of a bridge. His memory is lost and he finds himself in an unknown town where he is embraced as a symbol of hope. This movie is a historical film as well as dramatic. It allows for people to understand more about the Cold War and actions by Senator McCarthey in his hunt for communists.


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    dumb and dumber was a classic. Its one of those movies that you can watch over and over again without ever getting bored.

  2. pauly wally

    He’s just slapstick hillarious.. I hear the penguins movie is really good

  3. Ivan

    I would put The Mask as Jim Carrey’s funniest movie, but otherwise, good list!

  4. Dana

    “Liar, Liar” is a great Jim Carrey movie to watch-it is both funny and it also has a great message.

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