Top 10 Inappropriate/Under Achieving Eurovision Songs of 2011

Although Eurovision Songs Contest brought out some of the best songs, it included songs which had no meaning or place at Eurovision. As such here are the Top 10 Inappropriate/Underachieving Eurovision songs of 2011.


1. Austria: “The Secret of Love”

Although her video and performance is stunning, the lyrics to Nadine Beiler’s song “The Secret of Love” is not. It is more appropriate for a Disney song or movie. The message also lacks meaning and purpose.


2. Estonia: “Rockefeller Street”

Getter Jaani does an excellent job performing the song in Eurovision Songs Contest of 2011. The song, however, sings about New York and the fictional Rockefeller Street. New York as we all know it is not in Europe and lacks belonging inside a European contest.


3. Georgia: “One More Day”

In the song, Eldrine lacks vocals and dance moves. She mostly resorts to screaming and the voice is not in tune with the music. When singing rock style she would sing in one tone, even though the beat changes.


4. Armenia: “Boom Boom”

Although Emmy put on a satisfactory performance, the song lacked adult vulgar language. The Boom Boom song sounded as if it was for children, using childish language, such as “Chacalaca.” It should also be noted that Emmy was singing a basic song which was not in tuned with the music in the background.


5. Germany: “Taken by Stranger”

This song lacked meaningful purpose. It still is not clear why Lena was wondering mysteriously as she was singing the song or how the music reflected the words. The beat was also dull and one should note the lack of energy there was to the performance. One thing clear is that she got into the finals because she was representing a country that was part of the “Big 4”.


6. Switzerland: “In Love for a While”

Anna Rossinelli’s voice did not reflect the melody of the song. A portion of her song was “Na, na, na…” One should further note that Rossinelli missed many of the notes when singing. The melody and her voice were not cooperating in her performance.


7. Denmark: “A New Tomorrow”

This song has been accused of plagiarism for mimicking the 2006 entry. It also is a bit static and lacks energy of a rock band. If they look to provide slow rock music, they should view Tina Turner’s videos and songs such as Proud Mary to get a sense of talent and appropriateness. Proud Mary is one example of a rock and roll song which starts slow and ends in a vibrant beat.


8. Turkey: “Live it Up”

This song like Germany’s lacks meaningful purpose. The words Live it Up should be riveting and full of energy. The melody mostly had no energy to it. Yüksek Sadakat also lacked the oomph necessary to sing it. If he wanted us not to feel down and to live it up, he should have added more emphasis to his words.


9. Albania: “Feel the Passion”

This song lacks melody and resorts to mostly screaming. As the singer is mostly screaming the words, the lyrics are blurred. This song could have done better if it were sung in less rock style version.


10. Azerbaijan: “Running Scared”

The song was excellent and the performance was riveting but one should note that Azerbaijan is not in Europe. If it entered a European contest, it should have at least made a better impact by writing a song closer to a Euro theme. It could have done better knowing the criticisms that could ensue if it won, which it did. Many feel it would have achieved much more had it brought relevance to Europe; maybe tying in history and its past in the Soviet Union.


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