Top 10 Ways Students Cheat

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Teachers have seen just about everything when it comes to students cheating. Students are becoming creative and will resort to anything and everything to cheat on tests, papers and in school. They fail to realize the consequences of their actions and the impending dismay that can ensue as a result of unfairness and academy dishonesty. Here are the top 10 ways students decide to cheat.


1. Cheat sheets:

In the past students were clever to bring their own paper to their tests and exams. They know that each teacher will not inspect every single page to make sure that cheat sheets are not included. Now students are more resourceful. They download cheat sheets on mp3 players, cell phones and other media devices. A teacher can never know unless they confiscate the item from the student.


2. Talking:

Either through whisper or by talking when the teacher is away, this is common in cheating practices. When unsure, students will ask for answers from their neighbour when given the chance.


3. Glare:

All it takes is a simple glare at another test or paper to copy the essentials down. Teachers and professors now separate students by leaving one extra seat between them. Will that be enough to stop students from glaring? Students are now more tactful and use excuses such as a drop of pen to glare.


4. Buy papers online:

Many students buy their papers online or from firms. They believe that they could trust the company to write “customized” papers tailored to their needs. Many papers are often plagiarized and are not cited. They mostly store reused papers that are circulated on the internet. Teachers and professors have plagiarism detectors such as which compares a paper to a wider database of papers for similarities.


5. Washroom breaks:

Washroom breaks are now supervised by staff members who closely monitor student activities. Many students would use the washroom to open up their cell phone and call up a friend to give more detailed information on a certain question they are stuck on. Having a personal chaperon, helps eliminate such chances. It is sad how low students will stoop.


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