Top 10 Common Lies Women Tell

Although men are good at lies, women are no different. In some categories they top and master the knack of lying, better than men. Many men should be skillful at reading between lines and reading body language when here the following 10 phrases (clear throat: lies) women say (clear throat: tell).


1. I am not mad at you:

Sometimes, a man can say something that will make a woman want to pull out her hair and scream. But women don’t tell their significant others they are mad at them at that particular moment. They wait for the right moment to do so; when the subject comes up another time, for instance. When women want to avoid telling what is wrong, they simply say “I am not mad at you.” This phrase also comes up when women feel ashamed to be around their men. They don’t want to be seen in public together, and when men try to kiss or hug them, women pull out of the public affection.


2. Sex:

Women have a skill for hiding and concealing what they don’t like when it comes to sex. Men need to rely on body language and the tone of a woman’s voice after the occurrence to understand the woman’s emotions. When women say they enjoyed sex, they usually mean the opposite. Unlike with men, there is no physical evidence that shows they were happy or not happy, unless she is agitated and throwing you out of the house.


3. Just A Minute:

How many men have heard this before? 1 minute is never enough for a woman to get ready. Try timing her to see whether she is able to meet you and be ready in one minute. It’s a lie women use very often to stipulate that they need more time. Men should not keep bother women when they keep saying one minute. It could turn into a blow-up which men do not want.


4. I Love You (Too):

We never know when the right time is to say “I love you”. One can feel love towards a significant other, but once you say these 3 simple words, the relationship changes forever. A man can say “I love you” simply for the sake of having sex, if he is a jerk of course, or because he sincerely feels these feelings. When a man says “I love you” and the woman is freaked out, a woman may say it back sincerely, or she may get sensitive and emotional. She does not want to have an argument, so she says “thank you”, or jokingly says, “I don’t love you”.


5. This is my phone number:

Women will never admit to men they are not interested. Instead, they will give them a fake phone number. Women cannot stare at the men’s faces when they reject the men. Therefore, women take the easy way out and give out the wrong number. Men will eventually get the point that the woman he asked for the phone number is not interested.


6. I Want You to Go Out:

Men occasionally want to spend some time with their friends away from their significant others. It sometimes creates a problem when men don’t ask their girlfriends not to tag along. Women feel like the men are ashamed of them. This also occurs when women want their men to stay with them when they are sick. Men sometimes think that if they cannot do anything to help, they are of no use, but the reality is that a man can help a woman feel better by just staying in their company. To avoid any arguments and drama, women tell their men to go out without them.


7. It was on sale:

Those who overspend never admit that they did so. Their husbands or boyfriends hardly understand the quality of what women buy. Women say this phrase to get their male affectionate off their backs about overspending. Men should always ask for a receipt to have concrete proof.


8. I want you badly:

There are cruel women out there who love to take advantage of men and enjoy taunting and laughing at others who are not perfect. Knowing they are not interested they go an extra way to humiliate someone by blowing in their ear, rubbing against them and worst of all whispering the phrase, “I want you badly”. One thing men should realize is that if they never call you back the day after, the whole thing was a show.


9. I don’t know…

It takes time for women to open up to men about their pasts. If a man asks a woman a question, and she answers with the phrase “I don’t know”, it does not necessarily mean that she doesn’t know. It may mean that she wants to avoid answering the question and discuss a different topic. Women slowly open up to their men. With time, they will tell the whole story, with their own pace. It may take months. Men just need to be very patient.


10. I’m Cold:

Women tend to be very emotional when it comes to body image. They don’t want men to see their bodies if they are insecure about something like their weight, figure, or scars. For instance, if a woman has scars on her foot, she may not want her significant other to see it. She never takes off her socks. Her explanation might be that she is too cold to take it off.


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  1. Naru

    What a load of crap. I’m a woman with female friends and none of us lie like this, and if we do it’s not for these reasons.

    For example, if I give a guy the wrong number, it’s because I’ve already made it clear that I’m not interested and he continues to make passes at me. Giving him ‘my number’ is the only way to get rid of him.


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