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Many families treat their pets as if they were their own children. Many pets have been popularized on TV shows such as the Simpsons where the family owns a dog, cat and a pig at one point. Others may go to the extremes and buy themselves a rat or even a skunk to use as a pet. It was quite common in the past as it is today to buy a pig for a pet in a rural area. As such, here are the top 10 unusual pets people welcome into their homes. Raise your hand if you have one of these.


1. Skunk:

One cannot help but associate this animal with their black/white fur and the foul smell they spray when attacked or about to be harmed. Although an outdoor animal, it is common to raise skunks indoors as a companion. Many individuals in the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and the United States buy skunks for these purposes. The emitting scent glands are of course taken out to make this animal more human friendly. Many countries still ban skunks from being house pet. If you are thinking of purchasing one, check your laws.


2. Rats:

These destructive and pesky rodents are also quite common, yet unusual to have as pets. There are fancy rats which have been domesticated for humans to buy at pet shops. They are small, live up to 2 years and do not carry diseases like those who have caused the bubonic plague. One should realize that not many visitors will like seeing a rat, so if you have one, do not keep him/her on the loose.


3. Ferret:

This animal is only allowed in 9 states in the United States. House-trained for 2000 years, it is an exotic animal that is dangerous to keep, especially around children. In Grand Valley, Missouri a ferret ate a child’s 7 fingers up to his knuckles. Both parents were charges with reckless endangerment. If you’re wondering why this is an unusual pet to have, look up Vinnie the Ferret and his war dance pose.


4. Pigs:

These animals are also unusual to have. Popular culture on the Simpsons: The Movie domesticated this animal. In the movie, Homer Simpson brought home a pig which he adored and buddied like a dog. Pigs are smart, and they will be able to get into anything like the drawers. When trained properly they could become the warmest and the kindest pets one may have. If improperly trained, they could be destructive.


5. Monkey:

One Versailles man will put his health and the wellbeing of others’ in danger to have a monkey help his wife who is sick with cancer. The animal carries Herpes B virus which can spread to humans easily. In 2009, another Chimpanzee left a woman with life threatening facial disfigurement. Even though the damage can be severe, monkeys are domesticated pets.


6. Fennec Fox:

These animals are domesticated and are known to live indoors. People who buy them are advised not to as they can become destructive to the home. One should not buy this animal because it is adorable. French aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once had this type of fox as his pet. Although unimaginable, people do have foxes as pets.


7. Piranhas:

Many wonder why anyone would consider buying this fish as a pet. It is a destructive fish which can chew of anyone’s hand off. Their teeth are used to make tools and weapons by Native Americans. Anyone who is not trained to keep this fish should not take it in as a pet. However, many do buy these fish not knowing the consequences.


8. Scorpions:

Although unimaginable and rear, scorpions are known to be house pets. In Guinness World Records, one man tried to fit a number of them into his mouth. Although they sting and they can do damage to humans when touched, they have their advantages. They do light up in the dark under UV lights. They thus make adorable but yet unusual pets in the home.


9. Buffalo:

Jim Sautner of Edmonton has trained his two buffalos to be house pets. Bailey Jr. the newest edition, sucks on Sautner’s thumb and is an adorably big pet who is part of the family. This is one case where an individual has gone overboard. It is no wonder why B.C. is banning the uses of exotic animals as house pets.


10. Raccoon:

Although uncommon, there have been cases where raccoons were house pets. One should consider laws which forbid them to carry exotic animals before purchasing a raccoon. Furthermore, one should consider that not many vets will be willing to treat a racoon. They bite and they are not too friendly when threatened.


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  1. Andy

    What I find weird is when someone gets a pet python, a snake that mushrooms in size and views you as a potential meal.


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