Top 10 Car Racing Championships

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6. British Touring Car Championship:

This championship is held every year in the U.K. The BTCC has always updated its rules and regulations to bring about better and low cost car designs and engines. It has also tried to remove the performance disparities between the cars participating in the events. It has a good television coverage throughout the U.K. and also across Europe and Australia.


7. FIA GT3 European Championship:

This is a sports car racing championship that is targeted to amateur drivers. This car racing series commenced in the year 2006. It solved two purposes. It increased the participation of manufacturers in motorsports and secondly helped amateur drivers in Europe.


8. The Rolex Sports Car Series:

This originated in the year 2000 under the name Grand American Road Racing Championship. The origins of this championship is in North America. The name was changed when Rolex became their sponsorer in the year 2002. The year 2003 was very important in their history as the Daytona prototypes were developed which replaced the old sports racing prototypes (SRP). This event is specially broadcasted by Speed channel.


9. Asian Touring Car Championship:

As the name suggests these races take place amongst the Asian countries. It is annual event that is held in these countries. It was earlier called Asian Touring Car Series. The circuits raced on are at Malaysia, China and Indonesia.


10. FIA GT1 World Championship:

This is a sports car racing competition which is developed by the Stephane Ratel Organisation. This group is involved in supporting and promoting such car racing series. The circuits that these races have been held are Yas Marina Circuit, Silverstone circuit, Paul Ricard, Potrero de los Funes circuit, etc. It is regulated by the FIA. The cars used in these races are grand tourer automobiles that are specially designed for driving for long distances.

These are the top 10 car racing championships taking place all over the world. The cars used in here are the ones which use modern technology. This technology costs a lot of money and this factor prevents many racers from participating in these series. Hence many of these championships are changing the norms of racing so that they get the maximum participation.

Car racing has been a favorite since a very long time. Even today car racing events have a huge audience and are watched world over.


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