Top 10 High Budgeted Flop Movies

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6. Battlefield Earth:

A Saga of the Year 3000: The film is based on earth, many years in the future, being ruled by aliens and the rebellion by the humans staying there. It had a bad opening at the box office and was also panned by the critics. The movie was such a disaster that it earned a total of nine Golden Raspberry awards, one of them being for the worst picture of the decade. It had two nominations for the worst supporting actor and the worst actor of the decade. With an approximate 75 million dollar budget including filming and marketing costs, the film was able to attract sales of only 21.4 million dollars in the U.S. and 8.2 million dollars from countries other than the U.S.


7. Ishtar:

It was a comedy film directed by Elaine May in 1987. The casting of the film was huge with stars like Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman starring in it. However even with a big star cast, the film was not able to gather crowds at cinema halls. In fact it was a big failure at the box office and gained bad reviews from its viewers. In North America it was able to collect only 14.3 million dollars against its budget of 55 million dollars.


8. Gigli:

The film star cast included Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez who were romantically involved in 2003. It was hoped that this publicity stunt would prove to be beneficial for the film. However the film banged at the box office and failed to gain its audience and the critics applaud. Some also called it the worst movie of 2003. It won six Golden Raspberry Awards for being the ‘worst’ in many matters. It had a budget of 54 million dollars out of which its revenue was only $ 7,266,209.


9. Cleopatra:

This was a film made in the year 1963. It was based on Cleopatra VII, the Queen of Egypt. The planning went slightly haywire, as Fox considered it to be a masterpiece and went on increasing its budget. But when the film released everything related to the film was considered a disaster. The total cost incurred on filming it was around 44 million dollars out of which the receipts came to 26 million dollars only.


10. Heaven’s Gate:

A 1980 movie, Heaven’s Gate is another disaster in the list of high budgeted flop films. It was known for all the negative things. The cost of the film and time taken to complete it were overrun, the press gave it negative publicity and viewers along with the critics gave it a very poor rating. Domestically it earned only 3 million dollars compared to its budget of approximately 44 million dollars.


The list of films given above proves that the budget does not decide the fate of the film. A film may have everything, a huge budget, great action and the biggest star cast, but unless it touches the heart of the audiences, it can still become the worst flop film ever made. Well money can’t buy everything, can it?


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