Top 10 Ways To Be An Effective Teacher

Effective teachers are typically not the ones who are knowledgeable. Those who are knowledgeable may not be a good and effective teacher. Effective teachers are those who believe that all students are capable of learning. They are able to further connect with all students and provide additional support and material to allow all students to compete equitably. There are more qualities of an effective which this article will survey.


1. Provide a variety of learning activities:

Students have multiple intelligences which need to be met effectively. Effective teachers will create lessons and learning activities which balance the use of linguistic, musical, kin-aesthetic, interpersonal, visual, natural, interpersonal and existential abilities. For example, not all students will learn equitably if they require interpersonal abilities. Many are shy and will not be as vibrant. Effective teachers will need to have a Plan B which will help them know all student is learning.


2. Equity and not Equality:

This cannot be stressed enough. Schooling is not a competition for the best grades. Equality trumps on those with exceptionalities. Effective teachers are those who provide ample resources and material for all students to be able to compete equally. For example, a math textbook will not work for all students. Those students who are falling behind in math may need additional resources to be up to speed with others. It is the responsibility of the teacher to help those students.


3. Multiculturalism:

Every teacher in an urban or suburban school will probably have one or two students who have moved from another country. Effective teachers will not teach from a traditional textbook to all students. Students who arrived in the country will not be able to understand the material. It is thus important for a teacher to effectively pull resources relating to the students` studies and interests to assess and evaluate them.


4. A sense of humour:

An effective teacher will need to have a sense of humor. Teachers cannot connect with students if they seem glum or even angry. They will lose their students’ respect if they resort to yelling as a form of punishment. Starting the day with a good attitude will always lead to a good end of the day. When a student makes a joke or says something funny, effective teachers use reinforcements and rewards to respond.


5. Fairness:

An effective teacher is also one who is fair. No student is ever given preferential treatment for no reason. For fairness to work, effective teachers will set out rules and guidelines in the classroom at the beginning of the year. Teachers should examine The Tribes program to see an example of rules and ways to embrace fairness.


6. Good Class Management:

Effective teachers will have consistent class management techniques. They will not utilize empty threats which are taken back after the student apologizes. To effectively manage a classroom, rules will need to be laid out consistently throughout the year and at the beginning of the year. All students must be aware of the consequences and there should be an agreement between both parties. For example, an effective teacher will not give detention to one student who chews gum but a warning to another who commits the same misdeed.


7. Know the students:

Teachers have to know their students in order to be effective. In order to know the students, all teachers will need to do effective pre-assessments which will provide a big picture. Tests and projects may or may not determine students’ knowledge. Effective teachers will need to move away from the traditional assessments and become creative.


8. Reflective:

Effective teachers are those who reflect upon their own practices. It is a TWO WAY STREET. Students are not the only ones learning. Teachers learn as well. As teachers become more confident they will be able to utilize learning strategies which fit well.


9. Rewards/Re-enforcements:

Teachers create rewards system which allows for students to have an educational party at the end of the semester. Many schools are developing a curriculum based on character matters. Each month students can follow one aspect of character education: perseverance, optimism etc. A rewards system allows classes to gain points if they came to class on time, behaved in an orderly fashion etc.

Effective teachers are those who are able to go beyond the traditional classroom. Students want to know what is in it for them. If they know there are rewards, they will be more enthusiastic. The teacher will be more effective, as a result.


10. Nurture:

An effective teacher is one who nurtures. The school environment should be nurturing to all students. As a mother, father, doctor, nurse and every other umbrella, you will need to be able to understand and connect to all students. Effective teachers do not build walls.


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