Top 10 Phrases Women Repeatedly Use on Men

I’ve compiled a list of top 10 phrases women repeatedly use on men. Whether it be for breakups or to get men’s attention, women have been continuously caught. Some of the phrases are metaphorical weapons used to be blunt and to the point. Raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2.


1. We need to talk:

When there is something wrong or a lady is bothered by something, she will use this phrase to initiate a conversation. Usually this phrase could lead to a breakup or an ultimate argument.


2. There is something you should know:

Although people desire to have a relationship based on trust, this is not always the case. When a woman uses this phrase, she usually wants to admit to something. Women who have a conscious will admit their wrong and will tell their boyfriend or husband about it. Usually women use this because they have either cheated on their significant other or have done something in the past that has come back to haunt them.


3. Whatever:

Men will sometimes encounter stubbornness in women. When women are wrong, they are not always ready to admit it. They will use the phrase “Whatever” to signify that they are not interested in talking about a particular situation and would like to change topics. This phrase is a rude way to deal with an awkward situation. Women who use this term mainly show no respect to their significant other or their feelings.

Whatever could also represent a weapon women use when they are mad. At this point, they are usually done speaking to their male affectionate.


4. Do you know what day is today?

Women usually are the ones that remember the important days in their relationships. Men sometimes need to be reminded of celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions that are important to women. Women thus repeatedly use this phrase to signify that they are expecting a gift from their boyfriend or husband. This phrase usually means that the woman is annoyed and frustrated as well.


5. Five Minutes:

How many men have heard this phrase spoken by women? Women usually speak this term when they are running late and need a few more minutes. When dressing or putting on make-up, 5 minutes usually turns into an hour.


6. Do not start with me:

Women love to speak their mind. They will always tell their husband or boyfriend how and what they feel. When a men tries to speak his mind, women not always receive the criticisms well. They sometimes will not listen and state, “Don’t start with me.” Usually this phrase signifies the need to back off on the male’s side.


7. You pig!

Throughout history, women have been known as stay at home mothers. Their work would relate to the home. In today’s postmodern society, women are staying at home less. They are now working more and have somewhat equal roles to men. When a man has done something wrong or hasn’t cleaned up after himself, he is called a pig.


8. It’s not you, it’s me:

When women say this phrase, they really mean the opposite. They really are not interested in the male asking her on a date or would like to break things off. This phrase is usually a nice way of saying get lost to men and it’s over.


9. Let’s be friends.

Women can only be mothers or lovers. They are never a man’s best friend, unless the man is gay. This is another way for women to say that the relationship is not going well and is not going anywhere. Hence, it signifies a probable breakup.


10. “You’re a royal pain in the ass”

Many women who feel their men are annoying them and asking too much of them will say this. At this point they really want to make it clear that the male needs to change.



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  1. Dana

    Number 5 (Five minutes) is very likely to be true most of the time, looking pretty does take a lot of time and 5 minutes do turn into an hour.

    number 9 (Let’s be friends) seems to be a more polite way of telling someone you are not interested, than just saying “I am not interested”

    Very interesting article to read

  2. Paul

    A few interpretations stated more briefly:

    #1: “I want to talk at you, and you’re obligated to listen to me no matter what you want or what is proper for this situation.”

    #2: “I have an unreasoned opinion that you need to believe no matter what the truth is.”

    #3: “I’m a self-absorbed child who won’t change its mind no matter what the facts are.”

    And so on.

  3. Charles E. Winchester, III

    “number 9 (Let’s be friends) seems to be a more polite way of telling someone you are not interested, than just saying “I am not interested” ”

    More polite? Rather less polite… or at least less honest, straight forward and clear-cut.

  4. Mike

    EAch of these listed expressions of unsubmitted unbridled females presumes she has an authority over the man (which exists only if the man abdicates his inherent authority). The mistake is her notion that the man’s purpose is to take crap from her much less anyone else.

    Anyone of these manipulative, self exhorting, self worshiping, self exalting etc. comments is worth kicking her to the curb, WITHOUT explanation or comment. Just walk away. Silence kills’em cause they want to be the one with the phallus and crave after the man’s crown out of self loathing.

    Nothing in the Universe is about any of us, much less her. She is only an asset when she provides humble counsel while remaining submitted to the final decision.


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