Top 10 Phrases Women Repeatedly Use on Men

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6. Do not start with me:

Women love to speak their mind. They will always tell their husband or boyfriend how and what they feel. When a men tries to speak his mind, women not always receive the criticisms well. They sometimes will not listen and state, “Don’t start with me.” Usually this phrase signifies the need to back off on the male’s side.


7. You pig!

Throughout history, women have been known as stay at home mothers. Their work would relate to the home. In today’s postmodern society, women are staying at home less. They are now working more and have somewhat equal roles to men. When a man has done something wrong or hasn’t cleaned up after himself, he is called a pig.


8. It’s not you, it’s me:

When women say this phrase, they really mean the opposite. They really are not interested in the male asking her on a date or would like to break things off. This phrase is usually a nice way of saying get lost to men and it’s over.


9. Let’s be friends.

Women can only be mothers or lovers. They are never a man’s best friend, unless the man is gay. This is another way for women to say that the relationship is not going well and is not going anywhere. Hence, it signifies a probable breakup.


10. “You’re a royal pain in the ass”

Many women who feel their men are annoying them and asking too much of them will say this. At this point they really want to make it clear that the male needs to change.



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