Top 10 Best Selling Mobile Phones

Over the years mobile phones have become more of a device that one cannot do without. Gone are the days when mobile phones were basically items for making calls and receiving calls and sending and receiving short text messages. Presently, mobile have phones have the capability to access the web, listen to music, watch video, capture images and send and receive multimedia files.

As such, mobile phones have turned into an integral part of an individual’s life. Whereas, they were initially regarded as objects of luxury they are now a necessity. No one can survive without one. Illustrated herein are some of the most shipped mobile phones in the world.


1. Nokia 1100:

The Nokia 1100 to date has shipped over 250 million units to different parts of the world. A majority of cell phone users prefer the cell phone given its simplicity. It is a GSM enabled phone and can be used anywhere that has a mobile phone coverage. The Model was launched by the company towards the last quarter of the year 2003. In addition, Nokia 1100 has been rated as the best selling consumer electronic product. In developing nations, the phone is a top seller.


2. Nokia 3210:

Apparently the second best selling phone in the world today is a brand still from Nokia. So far 160 million units have been shipped by the company since its release in 1999. It has been a success and has not disappointed its users. The design was meant to target the younger generation in the market.


3. Motorola RAZR V3:

Motorola managed to bring class, style and taste to the mobile industry by releasing a sleek mobile phone that was targeted to the middle level income earners. Despite the revolution in mobile phone industry, the Motorola RAZR still remains one of the most favorite mobile phones amongst users. To date, the brand has sold over 130 million units. The brand was part of mobile brands that incorporated camera which was launched back in the year 2004. Motorola RAZR has been graded as the number 12 in “The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years”


4. Nokia 3310:

Nokia 3310 is another brand from Nokia that is widespread amongst a majority of mobile phone users. The brand has so far sold 126 million units plus. Nokia 3310 is a Dual band GSM mobile phone. To date, it is still the 4th best selling mobile phone in the whole universe. Nokia 3310 was an upgrade of the Nokia 3210. Even though better cell phones have since been released, Nokia 3310 still remains one of the most favorable phones to have.


5. iPhone 3GS:

iPhone from Apple revolutionized the world of mobile telephony as we know it. As a smart phone, iPhone 3GS has more and better capabilities than the previously mentioned phones. Of all the iPhone models that have since been released, the 3GS still remains the best selling unit from Apple having shipped 30 million plus units. The iPhone 3GS was released by the Apple company as a 3rd generation cell phone. It is designed with a high resolution camera, high performance and a load of other features.


6. Nokia 2100:

Nokia seems to be the most preferable type of mobile phone given the brands that are featuring in the top ten. The Nokia 2100 is the sixth on the list having sold 20 million units plus. In comparison to the other models of Nokia mentioned herein, it is light.


7. iPhone 3G:

iPhone 3G is also a cell phone made and marketed by Apple Inc. After the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G is the next best seller from Apple having managed to move 15 million units to date. In comparison to iPhone 3GS, this second generation smart phone has less features. It was released in the year 2008.


8. LG Chocolate:

LG Chocolate is also the 7th best selling in the world having managed to move 15 million units plus. The LG Chocolate is a nickname for LGVX8500. It is a slide phone and features MP3 player. The phone is manufactured and marketed by Verizon Wireless and was introduced into the market back in the year 2006. LG Chocolate is available in multiple colors such as green, pink, and white and red. The initial color was black. Since then, there have been different models released by the company but none has been able to surpass the sales figure brought by the LG Chocolate.


9. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic:

If there is a mobile phone that took the cell phone market by storm then it has to be Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Nokia 5800 was the first touch screen smart phone released by the company in the year 2008. It comes with an array of. To date the cell phone has sold over 13 million units.


10. BlackBerry Perl:

At number 10 is BlackBerry Perl that has sold over 10 million units. BlackBerry Perl is one of the smart phones to be released by Research in Motion. The phone features a high resolution camera, internet connectivity, removable memory, media player and QWERTY keypad amongst other features. Having been released in 2006, better and more enhanced versions have been released since. However, this particular model still ranks as one of the highest selling units from Research Motion proving that it has better features.


The above phones have been ranked as per the number of units sold and not functionality. As such, there are better smart phones presently in the market but, these are still by far the best selling phones in the world.


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