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Everyone enjoys a game of cricket or a game of football. Each game is unique in itself and so are the sports mascots used for the various games. They are symbols of a particular sport and are a very important part of a game. They are seen not only in the field during the games, but also on their banners, their posters, accessories, etc. A crazy fan of a particular team will also love its mascot too. And very truly, like a good game, a great mascot can never be forgotten. Given below is a list of the top 10 sports mascots that have represented different teams at the baseball games.


1. The San Diego Chicken:

He is the oldest of all the mascots, entertaining game lovers since 1974. He is also popularly known as the Famous Chicken or only the Chicken. His popularity increased so much, that he was given the title of being one of the 100 most popular people in the field of sports, by the Sporting News channel.


2. Phillie Phanatic:

He is the lovable sports mascot of Philadelphia Phillies. Normally a sports mascot has a resemblance to some animal, however in case of Phillie Phanatic we can’t be too sure about the animal that he resembles to. He is a representation of the loyalty of Philly fans. He was so popular that his costumes have been kept in the Baseball hall of Fame.


3. Harvey the Hound:

This character first presented itself in the year 1983. This hound was the first ever mascot for the NHL games. He was the mascot for two teams The Calgary Flames and the Calgary Stampeders.


4. Rocky the Cougar:

He is a sports mascot for the Denver Nuggets. He was first made in the year 1990 and this mountain lion became an instant hit with the game’s fan following. He has always been considered as a lucky symbol for the team. It is also said that the final outcome of any game is decided on the basis of his backwards half – court shot, depending on whether he makes it or misses it.


5. Mr. Met:

He was first introduced in the game of 1963. He is the official mascot of the MLB’s New York Mets. He is a humanoid with the head of a baseball. He wears the team’s uniform. He is also a member of the Mascot Hall of Fame. Mr.Met can also be seen before and after games when his fans can click pictures with him.


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