Top 10 Worst Architectural Disasters

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People travel the world over to see beautiful places and great monuments. They love watching the wonders of architecture that are scattered all over the world. Be it the Taj Mahal in India, the great Pyramids of Egypt or the Eiffel Tower in Paris; each of these monuments have great architectural stories to tell. But do you think the science of architecture that can create some of the most beautiful monuments in the world, can also create some of the world’s worst architectural disasters? Given below are the top 10 worst architectural disasters of the world.


1. The Lotus Riverside Complex, Shanghai:

This complex is made up of many buildings. In 2009 one of the blocks of this complex was crushed to dust. Poor constructions and no proper planning were considered as some of the factors that led to the fall. The construction of this block had just been rounded up and many of the flats were already sold. Naturally many of the tenants demanded their money back. Many officials were also detained and brought up for questioning regarding the fall of the building.


2. Chelsea Waterside Park, New York City:

This Park was renovated in the year 2000. After renovation the people were astonished to find some crazy or phallic shapes and structures used in creating the water park. This was objected and many people have asked for the park to be remodeled. Although the park might not favor the tastes of parents, children love it.


3. Experience Music Project- Seattle:

This piece of architecture was founded by the co – founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. The structure was created using pictures of Stratocasters and guitar bodies. It was designed by the famous Frank Gehry who had also designed buildings like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. But this construction received mixed reviews and was not appreciated much by the Seattle public. Forbes magazine even called it one of the world’s 10 ugliest buildings.


4. The Dubai Aquarium:

This aquarium is located in the Dubai Mall. It is home to almost 33000 fishes that also include sharks and stingrays. It is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. But despite everything in the year 2010, there was a leak found in the aquarium. Shops had to close down and people were evacuated. Six divers worked throughout the day to stop the leak. Although it reopened again after a day, the incident did leave a black spot on the beautiful city of Dubai.


5. The Millenium Dome, London:

This dome is built on the Greenwich Peninsula in South East London. It was built to mark the beginning of the new century. It took 1.25 billion dollars to create this dome. However it was not very successful in attracting the tourists to it, looking at all the hype that had been created. In fact the response was so bad that the dome had to be shut within a span of one year. In the year 2007 it was reopened and now is used for the purpose of hosting entertainment events only.


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