Top 10 News Channels Worth Watching

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Gone are the days when you had to wait for the morning newspaper, to know what is going all around the world. Now TV and dish cable has made life more active. You can make yourself updated with latest news for 24 hours with news channels. These news broadcasting channels have today become the primary nerve of international communication and media. You’ve got a lot to see and watch on them. Is the US president planning to go on a holiday, has Tom Cruise got a new hot girl friend, what is there about world cup cricket and much more. Let’s talk about some top rated all time news channels, maybe we can share some new things with one another:


1. CTV News

March 12, 1961: The life changing event of the history of Canadian evolution- JOH TV began broadcasting on Channel 13. Until then, television owners of Ottawa and western Quebec had a choice of broadcasting in English or French (CBC). In the early times, programs were broadcast live from a basement studio. Many programs were broadcast, including news. CTV news provides viewers with breaking news, as well as information on a 24 hour basis. The news broadcast began in 1997, and was formerly known as CTV News 1(1997-1999) and CTV NewsNet(1999-2009). The news channel is broadcasted in Toronto.


2. CNN:

CNN stands for Cable News Network. It was founded in 1980 by Ted Turner in The United States. It was the first news channel to provide news all around the world on a 24 hour basis. Through CNN International, the news broadcast can be seen in over 212 countries and territories. Through the years, CNN has expended globally, providing Satellite viewing. Programs like Larry King Live made it even more resourceful for CNN to be a success, as it is the second most watched news network.


3. CP24

CP24 is the first Canadian news channel to provide news on a 24 hour basis. The channel is based in Toronto, and focuses on new from The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Southern Ontario, but broadcasts news internationally as well. CP24 also provides what they call, “information at a glance”, showing the date, time, immediate weather conditions, the day’s forecast, a “Four-Day” synopsis, current traffic flow from live highway cameras, newswire headlines, stock market quotes and the status of key exchange indices.


4. E! News:

Who doesn’t like gossip? We all love to hear what goes on with friends, what they do in their daily lives, who they hang out with, who they are dating, etc. This is why we have something like Facebook. If you like gossip, you most likely like to hear what goes on with celebrities as well. Who could forget the scandal between Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie, that started in 2005, and just doesn’t seem to end? If you are looking for some juicy celebrity gossip, and can’t find it, we have the answer for you: E! News. It is the source for entertainment news, celebrity gossip and pictures, as well as the latest fashion trends, TV, music and movie reviews, and online videos.


5. LCN News

LCN is the short term for Le Canal Nouvelles. It is a private Canadian news channel program, broadcasted in French. It began airing its broadcast in September 1997, in Canada. LCN’s format is to broadcast two 30-minute news segments per hour with headlines scrolling at the bottom of the screen. LCN not only broadcasts news, but public affairs as well.


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