Top 10 News Channels Worth Watching

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6. CBC News:

This news channel is the most popular in Canada, It broadcasts news in English language. More than 9 million homes in Canada consider CBC as a reliable source to know about current affairs within the country as well as in abroad. CNN TV network was already available in Canada during 1980s. During the year 1987, CRTC (Canadian Radio Television & Telecommunications Commission) granted CNN a license to start an individual news channel. Thus CBC News Network came into existence. This channel broadcasts news bulletins from studios located in Toronto, Halifax, Winnipeg and Calgary. It derives funds for managing its expenses by telecasting commercial advertisements besides newsbulletins.

7. Fox News:

Formerly known as Fox News Channel, Fox News has had over 102 million household viewings in The United States as of 2009. The channel was launched in 1996 by Australian American, Rupert Murdoch, who hired former NBC executive, Roger Ailes, as CEO. It was first subscribed to 17 million people, and grew throughout the 1990s and 2000s to become the most watched news channel. In 2010, Fox News took a spot in the top 10 category of most watched network for people between the ages 25-54. Some have criticized to say that some news coverage is biased, but it has denied by those who are a part of Fox News.


8. BBC News:

This TV news giant is famous as BBC News Channel. Though it is a 24 hour news server in the United Kingdom, it has got the top most rating among all international news channels around the globe. It began as BBC News on 9th November 1997. It successfully took over Sky News, a popular news channel running in the UK since 1989. BBC News is the ultimate gift of digital TV technology that gives standard news about world politics, entertainment, sports, medical developments, culture, lifestyle and much more. This channel has got distinction for being able to diversify its news content, with 2 minutes looped news bulletins.



RTVI is a Russian based news channel, broadcasting news from all around the world, in countries such as Israel and The United States, based on a 24 hour basis. It was previously known as NTV International. Its studio base includes Tel Aviv, New York and Berlin, and is broadcasted via satellite, and by a cable network in Russia. For some who live away from Russia, RTVI is the only base for news coverage for them due to language barriers.


10. ABC News Now

ABC News is a news channel, where the audience can get breaking news on a 24 hour basis through digital television, broadband and streaming video at and on cell phones. On top of providing breaking news, the channel provides an insight to a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle programs. What makes this channel even more spectacular is the program “Talk Back”, where viewers can voice their opinions through the submission of videos and personal thoughts on controversial issues and current topics.




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