Top 10 Computer Hackers

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6. Stephen Wozniak:

Steve Wozniak has been famously referred to as the other Steve of Apple Computers. Steve Woznak is best known for helping Apple Computers to better their products by recognizing flaws and fortifying them.


7. Tim Berners-Lee:

Whereas, Tim Berners-Lee is accredited for inventing the World Wide Web, while he was still a studying at the Oxford University, Berners-Lee was found to be hacking together with a friend. Due to his actions, he was banned from using the institutions computers


8. Linus Torvalds:

Linus Torvals is known as the godfather of Linux Operating System. While he was still a student, Linus exploited the weaknesses of the operating systems in use and decided to come up with his own.


9. Richard Stallman:

Richard Stallman began his hacking activities whilst he was still a student at MIT. His desire was mainly driven by the need to remove restrictions on computer use in the institution laboratory. He would mainly break passwords used on computer systems and send word around that computers were free to use.


10. Tsutomu Shiomura:

His rise to fame was the most unfortunate. After Kevin Mitnick broke into his computer, he vowed to assist the authorities in bringing him to justice.


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