Top 10 TV Bad Girls

The following list of TV bad girls have defined television history to this day. They have schemed, manipulated and even spent time in jail for countless crimes. Viewers have grown to love and hate them and as such these characters have been welcomed into our homes for 20 years or more. Let’s just say the shows each character is or was on would be boring to watch without them.


1. Days of Our Lives: Samantha “Sami” Brady

What has Sami Brady not done on this NBC popular soap opera Days of our Lives? She date raped and stole her sister’s fiancé and claimed she was pregnant with his child, switched paternity test results to prevent anyone from finding out who the real father was and shot her husband in the head. To top of her sins she blackmailed a doctor to tell her own sister that her children would be defects. If that was not enough, she put on a persona as man named Stan who tortured many Salem citizens. Phillip Kiriakis lost his leg because of her. For 15 years her jealousy and scheming ways affected various individual in Salem. She is

now a mother of 5 torn between two men she loves.


2. Survivor: Jerri Manthey

On Survivor, Jerri is popularly known as an annoying, lying and manipulative person who no one likes, not even her fans. She was booed on Survivor All-Stars reunion, which caused her to leave unexpectedly. In real life, she was kicked off an airplane because of an argument with a flight attendant. If Jerri stops her whining and stops blaming others for her problems she would be more liked.


3. Survivor: Parvati Shallow

This Survivor has the looks of a goddess. Her body is perfect and so is her face. No man would ever be able to resist her cunning, manipulative and flirtatious personality. In the game of Fan vs. Favourites, she and 4 others girls was able to con men and other women. No one ever believed that she had the brains to outwit and outplay every single person second time around. When others felt safe, she voted them out, including her best friend Ozzy. When she came to play Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, she had a huge target on her back. As she joined forces with Russell Hantz, she was able to sneak her way into the final 3.


4. 90210: Naomi Clark

Naomi Clark is a rich girl who had everything handed to her on a silver platter. She used her sexuality to get to others, including her teachers and friends. She stole her friend Annie’s paper and handed it in with her own name. When she found out her friend Annie slept with her boyfriend, Naomi shunned the latter from all of her friends. Annie’s exclusion was part of a plan Naomi used for bullying. Throughout the second season, Naomi’s bullying caused Annie to go on a self-destructive spree. Which good girl would do such things? I can’t find any.


5. 90210: Adriana Tate-Duncon

This character is definitely one of the best TV bad girl. Throughout the first season she did drugs, slept around with other men and got herself impregnated. In third season, she stole a dead man’s songs and claimed them as her own. Furthermore, she switched her best friend’s bipolar pills as a form of revenge. By switching pills, she caused her friend to be institutionalized. What kind of friend and person does that? Only a villainous!


6. Roseanne: Darlene Connors

Darlene was the middle child of Roseanne and Dan Connors. She was known to be rebellious, sometimes fixing her grades, defying curfew and even sneaking her boyfriends in without her parents’ permission. She usually is seen picking on her little brother, hitting and punching him. She was one bully everyone loved to watch.


7. The Bold and the Beautiful & The Young & the Restless: Amber Moore

This girl is definitely a bad one. She slept and got impregnated by a teenager she was babysitting. She switched paternity tests to break up Hope Logan and Liam Cooper. To top things off she manipulated and flirted with a married man Daniel Romalott’s, which caused havoc on her marriage and his. The final straw broke when she was exposed for sending nude pictures to Daniel Romalotti, an addict to sex. For 15 years, Amber Moore is a villain we love to watch, except when she annoyingly screams.


8. ER: Dr. Kerry Weaver

Not many liked Dr. Weaver on ER because she was blunt and to the point. When it came to doing the job, she was very picky. She would yell all at others, even firing them when they defied her orders. In the end she kicked herself in the foot when she made an unruly hiring of a doctor who was unfit to practice medicine.


9. Melrose Place: Lauren Young

On the 2009 version of Melrose Place Lauren Young was a medical student who was short on cash. To make money she decided to turn to prostitution. When on the verge of being exposed she slept with her boyfriend’s father, who was blackmailing her. In the series finale Lauren went to meet her customer one last time. She ended up being date raped by the man who tried to use her for sex.


10. Big Brother: Allison

This girl is a show off and a cheater. She claimed to have hated her ex who she was stuck in the same house to win $ 500,000. In the end she played him and also came on to him. She also was known to have flirted with another member when her boyfriend was at home watching. When something was wrong she cried her tears out to get sympathy. Her tears were a show Allison put on to win votes and nothing else. She is definitely a good vileness since she got to the final 2.


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