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If you are planning an international family vacation, then one of the things to take into account is the security situation in various holiday destinations. Thanks to technology, we are now able to keep tabs on the going on in various cities either through the internet or cable news. The last thing you want in your mind while on holiday is worrying about the safety of your family. In addition, when planning to start a family the environment in which your children grows up in is of importance. Despite what the authorities may say about crime rates in a certain city, doing your own research will not hurt. Moreover, it only functions to give you a peace of mind that nothing out of the ordinary will occur while on a vacation with your family or bride.

Discussed herein are some of the safest destinations in the world.


1. The Dutch ABC Islands:

Whereas, there is no doubt about the beauty of Caribbean Islands, it has not been without issues. The area has experienced some of the worst political turbulence and crimes that are not worthy to write home about. However, despite the negativity brewed by some of the Islands, there are those that have managed to exist in peace due to political and economical stability thus attracting thousands of tourists annually. Unlike other Islands, the ABC Islands has relatively minimal crime rates. Moreover, so far the area has not experienced political unrest. The best part of it all is that the Islands are not on the path of hurricanes. The Dutch ABC Islands scores the most points for offering heavenly picturesque sceneries and security.


2. New Zealand:

New Zealand is best known for its prowess in rugby. The All Blacks team is known all over the world for bringing beauty in the game. Other than that, New Zealand is well known as one of the safest locations in the globe. Other than the earthquake that hit one of its cities, it is generally a calm location. The distance from the rest of the world and a relatively low population makes it one of the best countries to bring a family.


3. Ulster, Ireland:

The Irish have a reputation for being heavy drinkers, involvement in mafia and fighting. However, not many know that Ireland is a country to recognize when it comes to rugby. They are rival England and have beaten them a couple of times. In addition, their reputation ought not to be considered when viewing Ulster as a holiday destination. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently voted the Emerald Isle as one the most peaceful locations in Europe. Crime levels are extremely low and as such, judging a book by its cover will make you miss on one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations to visit. You can always find last minute holiday deals on sites such as Expedia for you and your family travel needs.


4. Cyprus:

Cyprus has also not been without its shares of political and economical issues. Nonetheless, over the years this reputation has been forgotten as the country has gone through various reforms. The three main things that keep Cyprus going are culture, religion and booming economy. It is believed the Orthodox Church has its origin in Cyprus and as such holds a special place in the hearts of many religious ardent. Cyprus is a Eurasian Island that is situated on the East of the Mediterranean and is blessed with some of the most beautiful beachfront that allures hundreds of tourists annually.


5. Switzerland:

Swiss is known for its neutral stand on global matters. But, it is also one of the wealthiest countries in the globe with the highest per capita than most superpowers. Switzerland is categorized into three linguistic and national regions. Switzerland is famous for its sweet chocolates, the Alps as well as high cost of living. In fact, it is the most expensive places to live in the world. For individuals who are dreaming of a high life then Switzerland is the place to be in. The security provided by the country is what makes it one of the best holiday destinations especially winter holiday sports.


6. Singapore:

Because of the strict laws, Singapore has turned out to be one of the places in the world that experiences minimal crime rates. It has had an impeccable economic and political track record since the reigns of the first Prime Minister. Other than its safety, Singapore is one of the best places to go for a family vacation. It has a diverse culture that is borrowed from the various ethnic groups residing therein. Because of a stable economic and political landscape, Singapore has become a major trading hub in Asia.


7. Seattle, USA:

Of all the cities in the United States, non beats them all like Seattle. The city is blessed with glamorous sceneries and numerous outdoor activities. It has mainly earned points by ensuring that its bike paths as well as the recreational facilities are well maintained. Furthermore, there are several restaurants serving a myriad of cuisines and pubs for visitors who would like to wind down or let it loose.


8. Luxembourg:

In comparison to other European cities, the crime levels in Luxembourg are relatively low. Crimes reported once in a while are petty theft and break-ins, but, also these are at a minimal level.


9. Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki the capital city of Finland has been voted on numerous occasions as one of the safest cities in the globe.


10. Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo has for a long time been voted as the safest city in Asia. The city is well known for its economic and commercial prowess.


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    Just FYI, in New Zealand, there is a small township called Tuakau, Waikato (Where I live), which is the safest place in the world against natural disasters.


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