Top 10 Most Famous Paintings

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Discussed herein are the world’s most famous paintings ever to be seen. Famous paintings have been utilized the word over as a means of developing culture as well as history. Millions of people from different races globally have been captivated by paintings done by some of the famous painters to ever walk the face of this earth such as Picasso, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and Vermeer. Some of these paintings were done hundreds of years ago, but, still continue to mesmerize the people living in the present century.

In case you are in search for paintings that were famously done then look no further, listed here are the top ten most famous paintings that have been reproduced over and over again from time immemorial.


1. Mona Lisa – Painted By Leonardo Da Vinci

There is no doubt that Mona Lisa done by Leonardo Da Vinci has been and is still the most famous painting in the world. The paining is a property of the French government and has been hanged in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The painting showcases a woman who is staring out towards the viewer with what has been described by critics as “the most enigmatic smile.” There has been no other painting in the history of the world that has captivated the imagination of the world like Mona Lisa. If it were to be sold in the market, it would be the most priced painting in the world or perhaps the most expensive piece of art to be done in the human history. However, a replica of this painting is available all over the world. The real one as stated earlier is owned by the French government.


2. Starry Night – Painted by Vincent Van Gogh

The second most famous painting to be done is the Starry Night which was painted by Vincent Van Gogh. This particular painting that has been done by Van Gogh has been described by lovers of art as a classic. It brings into play a rush of emotions from the tranquility of the church battlement to the wild throw away of the painting utilized for the late night sky.


3. The Kiss – Painted by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss which was done by Gustav Klimt is the third most famous painting in the world. The paining was done way back in 1907. The image portrayed by the painter which is of a couple who are bounded by a gold linen and jewelry sharing an intimate moment has been left to the critic to think of what led to and after it. To most, it is simply a case of a perfect kiss.


4. Luncheon of the Boating Party – Painted by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The painting was mainly done by Pierre Auguste to depict a couple of his friends. At the moment when the painting was being done, they were sited on a balcony situated somewhere along the Seine River. The painting is set in France. The Luncheon simply shows the lifestyle of the middle class towards the close of the 19th century. A close look at the painting and you will notice that for sure life is to be enjoyed to the fullest. The painting is beautiful and will is sure to bring life to any room.


5. Girl with a Pearl Earring – Painted by Jan Vermeer

In as much as the painting seems to be plain, but, the Girl with a Pearl Earring is the fifth most famous painting in the world. A majority of critics tend to believe that the painting was done for a girl most likely before she got married. The painting has been done majestically as it lacks a background and puts more focus on the girl rather than other aspects of the painting. Her tears most likely show her joy to being married and the pearl earrings a gift from her groom.


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