Top 10 Fastest E-Mail Service Provider On Internet

Since the introduction of electronic mail (e-mail) as part of internet services, nothing has managed to dominate the core of online activities like free e-mail services. It is the primary means of communication for not only business enterprises but also individuals. E-mail is used in a variety of ways than you can ever imagine. For instance, sending and receiving documents, updating social network statue and business transaction alerts amongst other services.

The most surprising thing is that a majority of online users have been utilizing the same email service for over the past 10 years. This was when a number of corporations companies launched e-mail service as part of its activities, e.g. Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. Nonetheless, as information and communication technology develops, there has been a shift in email services as different email service providers come up with diverse services thus creating a competitive market.

Illustrated herein are some of the top ten free email service providers in the world. The list comprises of main free email service providers to niche email service providers. The arrangement has not been done in any chronological order apart from the first four on the list. The remaining has been placed randomly. The reason for this is that each service provider has a unique solution that it offers its clients.


1. Gmail:

There is no absolute doubt that of all the free email services available today, none beats them all like Gmail. Nonetheless, what makes Gmail the best free email service in the world today? The email account is connected to various Google application programs, i.e. search engine and Gtalk amongst others. In addition, the development team is constantly working round the clock to better its services. Whereas, Gmail is new in the market in comparison to other free email services that have been in the market for quite some time, it has managed to live up to its name.


2. Yahoo Mail:

In terms of tracking current and old messages, Yahoo Mail offers the best platform. Using the Automatic filter, one can be able to separate search results with ease thus offering you a single click to folders, documents and senders amongst others in the process. Over the years, Yahoo has been able to enhance its services by including social services where users are able to connect with one another thus keeping tabs on what others are up to.


3. Hotmail:

Since its acquisition by Microsoft Inc, hotmail has seen several changes on its interface and features than what it initially was. Hotmail has also been linked with other Microsoft products, for example, Outlook. Therefore, you can be able to read and send all your Hotmail messages from your Outlook account. Other features which have been enhanced include anti-spam that filters mail messages. The downside of linking Hotmail with a number of other Microsoft products limits its usage unless you are running the mail on a Windows platform.


4. AOL:

Initially, AOL was not a free email service. But, because of increased competition, it was compelled to offer free email services. It is undoubtedly the oldest email service provider. In spite of having gained experience in the field of email service, it has not managed to keep up with the competition. AOL interface is lacking in so many ways and needs some serious improvements. However, the email service provider is on point in terms of security as it has been able to put adequate measures so as to prevent and hinder viruses and spamming.


5. Inbox:

Inbox is a free email service provider that comes with loads of features rivaling the top email service providers, i.e. free 5GB storage for your documents and mail messages. It has a good security platform but has not been able to adequately manage phishing. In addition, the email service provider does not offer log on through IMAP.


6. Fastmail:

Whereas, Fastmail is free, it allows ads. Users are offered 10MB of free storage. There are many features that are lacking in this free email, for instance, mail forwarding, limited address book as well as POP3 access. On the other hand, the company offers more features upon upgrade.


7. Mail:

Mail is a free email service that offers unlimited storage location for documents and email messages, enhanced security and spam guard. Extra services include ability to read and send your mail messages from the cell phone. There are several personal email address and domains one can select from and offers a means through which one can personalize their inbox.


8. Lycos Mail:

Initially, Lycos Mail used to be a free email service. However, they are currently charging $19.95 annually to keep and maintain the account. Upon subscribing, you will be able to access 5GB mail storage, spam filter, POP3, antivirus and IMAP. In addition to these, you will be provided with domain and address blocking features.


9. Care2:

This is a free email service provider that is conscious about the environment amongst other things. The company donates 5% of its revenue to several nongovernmental organizations. The company offers users with 5GB storage space, up to 10 MB of file attachments, anti-spam and anti-virus support. Other additional features include spell checker, address book, POP2 and auto-reply.


10. Zenbe:

Zenbe has been dubbed as the next generation email. The email service integrates social as well as collaboration tools. Upon registration, you will be offered a month of free trial for every email service plan that the company offers. Moreover, one is given access to the company service- ShareFlow collaboration service. This is a service that has been designed to enable users to connect and share documents as well as comments with the rest of your team. Other added features include anti-spam and anti-virus support.


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