Top 10 Rated Great Novels

Novel writers as genius persons, because they write a unique story format with the ink of their imagination. Novel readers are also worthy of appraisal, they have the power to mold their imagination into the story line of a novel. However a novel is not like a movie to get on top easily. One novel gets appraisal after it remains in limelight continually for 2-5 years. Books have been the most flexible and reliable source of knowledge and information since hundreds of years. Novels are those books that take the imagination of readers into their story background. Readers start believing each character of a novel as if it exists in reality. Let’s discuss top ten novels that got universal applaud and recognition in last 20 years.


1. Music for Torching (1999):

This novel has been authored by A.M. Homes. The authoress has successfully displayed her amazing skills of writing molded in bonds of deep imagination. She has given unique glow to this novel. ‘Married couples also feel boredom and disappointment despite being well settled’- is the theme of “Music for Torching”. The story revolves around a married couple Paul and Elaine from Suburia. The couple seeks real happiness and contentment in life. They try their best to make their life filled with newness and excitement. Nothing helps them even after they have love affairs, try smoking and hard drinks and try to burn their homes. Finally the couple finds themselves stuck into boredom. They feel themselves to be strangers to themselves, one another and their family.


2. Fight Club (1996):

Chuck Palahniuk has created some other writing pieces beside Fight Club. But the latter contains some hitting dialogues and statements. One of them “Tyler gets me a job as a waiter, after that Tyler’s pushing a gun in my mouth and saying, the first step to eternal life is you have to die.” has simply left a deep impact on the minds of the readers. Chuck has successfully conveyed a message through his fantasy story. The message is “one need to fight and be ready to face death like risks to live in this tricky world.” Chuck Palahniuk is appreciated for writing novel dialogues that simply hit to the core of heart.


3. House of Leaves (2000):

Danielewski, the writer of this novel story has done an excellent job. He has created a dynamic and credulous story background of a haunted castle. The story theme circulates around a family who comes to the house. A series of horrifying events make the family feel shocked to know that the new house is haunted. In one sequence of the story the readers of the story are taken to hallway and are left to sense the terror of an unseen terror. What should be the expected terror? A ghost or a monster. Some terrifying story aspects like footnotes of books dripping in blood make readers shiver with neurosis. “House of Leaves” is a wonderful creation by Danielewski under horror series. If you enjoy reading horror stories depicting haunted places and haunting spirits, try this novel.


4. We Don’t Live Here Any More (2004):

This story is a movie based novel written by Dubus. The latter has earned a great reputation of being a short story writer of 20th century. His writings prove this claim in a fair way. “We do not live here any more” is the story telling about two couples in their mid age. Their life is tested by destiny through a love affairs, emotional turmoil and testing times in friendship. The novel shows situations of desperation in matters of love and marriage. It shows loneliness of housewives though they are with husband and kids. This novel correctly justifies the statement “We are left as paupers though we have a treasure”.


5. The Road (2006):

This is an interesting story of a father and son, who are on a journey by foot to South Mexico. Cormac McCarthy is the author of this novel. He is perhaps the greatest novelist who is alive today. Cormac has created an interesting story sequence of a father and son traveling through a post apocalyptic world. They encounter attack of cannibals, cold and hunger during their journey. The story displays the love of a father towards his son. Read the novel and watch the sequences I which a father protects his son from hardships of this world. Fortunately “The Road” was bestowed with the Pulitzer Prize.


6. Rules of Attraction (1987):

Bret Easton Ellis the author of this novel is reputed to depict American psycho characters in his writings. Before writing “Rules of Attraction” he successfully displayed his depictions on sex life, drugs and amoral lifestyle in his other creations. Here in this novel he stepped a bit ahead to depict the free life style of university students. Young studs and hot chicks are the center piece of the story. They are always sinking in the dead world of drugs, indulging in sexual acts are a routine for them without thinking of moral ethics. However the author has also shown the human side of these university youths. They are not responsible for what they are, they became so because they were neglected, nobody cared for them.


7. Strong Motion (1992):

This is the second work piece of Frazen, the author of “Strong Motion”. The novel shows sharp and unparallel imagination of Frazen on every page. He has depicted the evil ways of modern society and corporate world in modern America. He starts his story with Louis Holland and Dr. Renne seismologists from Harvard. The entire story plot revolves around these two characters and is backed by sudden earthquakes, business corporations and abortion activists. The author also takes readers back into history of America, when colonization existed. Renne and Louis get closer to one another with new sequences in the story. There love making is seized by an earthquake and that makes their romance special in the entire novel.


8. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007):

The story of this novel highlights three characters from Dominican Republic. The first one is Oscar, he is guy with an obese physique. Yet he is keen to find a nice chick to love him. He comes to America for seeking his soul mate. We feel sympathetic for this character when girls reject him each time, yet he tries cheerfully another time. Another important character is Oscar’s mother. She used to be one of the hottest and sexy items in old Dominica, where every man was ready to fall for her. The story tells us about the strange twist in which Oscar’s mother holds back other men and surrenders her to Trujillo an evil dictator of the country. He has a notorious reputation for raping and torturing city girls. The third character in the story is Oscar’s grandfather. He remains non sympathetic to victims of Trujillo until his own daughter gets trapped in the net. The entire story throws light on Dominican history, love, sex, country revolutions and city life style.


9. Tree of smoke (2007):

The author Denis Johnson tries to display the perspective of Vietnamese war from the eyes of different characters in the novel. However the central plot is played by Skip Sands who works for the department of psychological operations. The story background takes readers to different destinations like South East Asia and USA.


10. Infinite Jest (1996):

Wallace did his best to display his own world in his novel “Infinite Jest” The story displays all forms of addictions like cannabis, alcohol, sex, heroine and cocaine.


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