Top 10 Heart Specialist In The World

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Heart specialist also known as cardiologists are doctors who are specially trained in the functionality, conditions and organization of the human heart. It is important that not all cardiologists can be the best in all heart ailments. Each heart doctor has a specific area of specialty which they are well known for. Some of the common heart ailments that patients consult doctors for are coronary artery ailment, congestive heart malfunction as well as valvular heart ailments. If you are looking for a specialized heart doctor, you need to start with private hospitals as that is where majority of them are located. In addition, they can be located in leading government referral hospitals as well as school of medicine. Market leading hospitals more than often nominate their heart specialists for the coveted Best Doctors Inc.


Discussed herein are top ten heart specialists who are renowned world over.


1. Dr. Renee Adams Bornemeier

At number one is Dr. Renee Adams who is well known for specializing in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. She is the most sorts after children hear specialist. She was awarded her degree in 1988 from the University of Arkansas.


800 Marshall St., No. 653

Little Rock, AR 72202



2. Dr. Eduardo J Demarchena

At number two is Dr. Eduardo J. Demarchena who has had over 30 years in the medical field specializing in heart ailments. He is one of the most celebrated cardiologists in the United States of America. He offers his consultation to both government and private hospitals.


1400 NW 10th Ave., Ste. 206

Miami, FL, 33136



3. Dr. Alan C Braverman

Sited at number three on the list is Dr. Alan C. Braverman. He currently holds the position of director of Marfan Syndrome Clinic at University School of Medicine in Washington. He was awarded his degree in 1995 after successfully completing and finishing top of his class at University of Missouri.

Center for Advanced Medicine

Heart and Vascular Center

4921 Parkview Place, A, 8

St. Louis, MO 63110


Dr. Alan C. Braverman


4. Dr. Thomas Biancaniello

At number four on top ten heart specialists is Dr. Thomas Biancaniello. He has specialized mainly in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. He is a household name amongst the many hospitals that he has served or offered consultancy in. He is currently the vice chair of Clinical Affairs at Stony Brook University Physicians


37 Research Way

East Setauket, NY 11733



5. Dr. Thomas M. Bashore

At number five on the top ten heart specialists is Dr. Thomas Bashore, who is currently serving as the chief of cardiology at Duke University Health System. His specialty is in congenital heart ailment which is known to affect millions of people worldwide. In addition, he has an extensive knowledge and experience in pulmonary hypertension. He was awarded his degree in 1972 from the Ohio State University College of Medicine. His experience and skills has been a great deal of help to several hospitals in the United States. Moreover, there are overseas hospitals which from time to time consult him on certain procedures and treatment.

Duke University Health System

DUMC 3012

Durham, NC 27710



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