Top 10 Home Security Systems

The adage, “a man’s home is his castle” is not in vain. However, unlike the literal meaning that signifies draw bridges, thick stone walls, high walls and moats to ensure all unwanted visitors are not allowed in, it simply refers to the privacy of an individual which needs to be safeguarded at all cost. In the present century, house alarms are the most common home security systems used by a majority of homeowners worldwide. Burglars are more likely to stay away from homes that are fitted with a security system since they are scared of noise and light. If an alarm system were to go off when a robbery was in progress, the culprits are more likely to be thrown into disarray. On the other hand, if lights were to suddenly come on when a burglar was in the process of breaking in, they will run away as no one thief likes to be caught in action.

There are several advantages that you stand to gain by installing an effective home security system within and without your residence as is outlined below:

– First and foremost, you will be ensuring the safety of not only you but also that of your family.

– Secondly, you will be safeguarding your hard earned property. There are sentimental items which when stolen cannot be replaced.

– Thirdly, you will have a peace of mind. If you have to go on a vacation, then you will not have to worry about the status of your house.

– Fourthly, the insurance premium on your house will be reduced as you will have taken necessary measures in ensuring that your home is secure.

Discussed herein are the top ten alarm and home security systems that every home should have.


1. Talking Devices

Having talking devices installed in your house will enable you to understand the security system installed in your house better. In addition, it will help you in monitoring and reprogramming the system if need for it be. There are a number of enhanced security systems that include remotes, master control panels as well as key pads. Whereas, having a talking feature included in your home security system will not offer you great conversation, nevertheless, it will assist you comprehend your home security system better.


2. Remote Home Security Systems

There are certain types of home security systems in the market which allows the user to control it from a distance without the need of going to the main control panel. They are akin to remote controls used in automobiles. The remote comprises of an activation and deactivation button. There are those that also have panic button which functions in activating the alarm system with an aim of alerting the concerned authority that there is a robbery in progress. It is important to realize that not all remote controls are similar and may vary in feature depending on the model.


3. Yard Signs

Yard signs or window decals are signs that advertise to passer bys that the home is protected. According to a research that was recently released, it is believed that residences that do not have any form of security are at least 3 times more to be broken into than those that are secured. Furthermore, if your house has a sign showcasing that there is a security company that is constantly monitoring it chances of your house being broken into are greatly decreased. While there are homeowners who will erect the sign without actually installing a security system, it is highly recommended that you have at least an alarm system.


4. Back-up Power

Securing your home ought not to be limited to house alarms and yard signs. You need to take an extra step and ensure that you have a back-up power. This will come in handy when there is a power blackout. Normally, thieves will take advantage of power blackouts to loot. For example, if you have a retail store and there is a sudden blackout and no back-up power supply, you are more likely to lose money as there is no telling who is walking out and with what. Power back-ups do not have to be an expensive affair as there are affordable batteries in the market that can function in supplying you the power needed to keep your business running and home lit.


5. Smoke Detectors

It is important to realize that home security is not just safeguarding the home against burglars but also against disasters such as fire outbreaks. Smoke detectors are vital in safeguarding your home from threats of fire. Other than alerting you about the possibility of fire, it ensures that you have ample time to get out and alert the relevant authorities. To ensure that your some detectors are working properly, be sure to change the batteries once every six months. However, there are advanced models that connect to the mains power supply. As such, you will not have the need to change the batteries ever.


6. Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems are beneficial in that they offer added security as there are no wires which you can trip on. In addition, you do not have to wires running all over your house. Wireless home security systems have been designed with sensors enabling the control panel to communicate with keypads using radio frequencies. The benefit of wireless home security systems is that thieves will not be able to view them thus the thought of disabling the security system will not be there. As such, your house is fully monitored 24/ 7.


7. Heat Detectors

Other than smoke detectors, heat detectors can be used to enhance the security of your home against fire. For instance, there are rooms, i.e. attic and basement and other areas of the house where installing smoke detectors is not possible. Having heat detectors installed in those particular rooms helps in reducing incidences of fire outbreaks. Nevertheless, when installing heat detectors, you need to make sure that they are installed in rooms with less humidity or else they will not be able to work. For example, do not install heat detectors in bathrooms and laundry area.

To ensure that they are working properly, change the batteries once every six months. To minimize the burden, you can always have them checked each time you are running maintenance on the smoke detectors.


8. Security Lights

Other than noise, burglars are scared of light. Therefore, it is important to have exterior lights installed in strategic locations of the compound. There are homeowners who because of electricity costs will not install exterior lights or leave them off. Thanks to technology, there are security lights that are built with sensors. They are only activated when movements in the compound is detected.


9. Surveillance Security Camera

Unlike other types of security systems, surveillance cameras gives you a clear vision of what is going on in and out of your home in real time.


10. Driveway Alarm System

Driveway alarm systems have been designed to alert you about cars that are approaching your driveway.


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