Top 10 Eurovision Contest Videos

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Eurovision Songs Contest of 2011 brought out the best in many newer artists. Many of them were able to better define their country’s cultures and traditions. Others were able to set the record by singing in languages rarely sung before. The backdrop, zoom and imagery in each of the following Top 10 Eurovision Contest Videos of 2011 were astounding and deserve recognition.


1. France


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Artist: Amaury Vassili

Song: “Sognu” (English: “Dream”)

Description: Singing in Corsican language, Amaury Vassili did an excellent job singing to the tune. The video zoomed in on Vassili exceptionally well when his voice pitched and as different musicians were playing. The scenery and the visual effects were stunning and made one dream the lyrics Vassili sung.


2. Slovakia


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Artists: TWiiNS

Song: I’m Still Alive

Description: This video does an excellent job at presenting some of Slovakia’s greatest moments in sports. The camera zooms, and the slow motioning compliments the lyrics.


3. Azerbijan


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Artists: Ell & Nikki

Song: Running Scared

Description: Ell & Nikki did an excellent job at choreographing the lyrics in the video of this song. You can visualize and feel their affection and love as they sang the lyrics.


4. Greece


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Artists: Loukas Giorkas featuring Stereo Mike

Song: Watch My Dance

Description: The setting complimented the song and lyrics as the ancient ruins are seen against the blue light. Cameras were able to zoom in on Loukas Giorkas as he sang in traditional Greek style music. Stereo Mike did an excellent job in preparing viewers for Giorkas in this video in modern hip hop style.


5. Belarus:


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Artist: Anastasia Vinnikova

Song: I Love Belarus

Description: The song was originally named “I am Belarussian.” but was changed to the current title because it was sung in public in the summer of 2010. The video mostly shows Vinnikova singing solo, who puts on moves that are well in tuned with the music. The video adds traditional dancers to define Belarus.


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