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One of the greatest innovations of the 20th century has to be the mobile phone or commonly referred to as the cell phone. Over the years, technological enhancement in the manufacture process has enabled manufacturers to convert the cell phone from being a mere tool of making and receiving calls to a more dynamic miniature computer.

At the turn of the 21st century it was possible for one to surf the web from their mobile phones. As competition increased, it soon became possible to receive and send documents from your phone, listen to FM station, download music and play games amongst other applications. All these were made possible thanks to mobile software. In the year 201 there was an eruption of innovations in respect to mobile phone applications. As new smart phones were hitting the market, i.e. iPhone 4 and numerous Android devices offering better experiences for its customers.

Not all mobile phone software are the same. There are those that serve as utility programs while others serve as entertainment applications. In addition, some mobile application programs can be downloaded for free while some have to be paid for. Nonetheless, there has been a revolution of mobile phone software since 2009.


1. Chase Mobile:

The Chase mobile software has been specially developed for smart phones, i.e. iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Android and iPod Touch. The cell phone users are offered a means to check their account balances, confirm credit card due dates and available amount as well as check transaction history. The software is not hard to utilize and offers the functions it was designed for.


2. Angry birds:

The Angry Bird mobile phone application offers features related to gaming, i.e. challenging physics castle demolition, replay values and game plays. Of the 120 levels offered in the game, reasoning is required in addition to skill and monster power to exterminate the opponent. The game has managed to achieve the status of the No. 1 paid application in countries such as US, Russia, Britain, Germany, Canada and Italy because of its addictive nature.


3. The New York Times:

The New York Times is a cell phone application that is rich in content and offers ad-support. In as much as the application is available for free, it is a must have application on the phone given that the advert banner displayed at the bottom of the screen does not interfere with the activities of the user. As such, you can carry on with your reading without the worry of interruption. The stories carried in the application are classified into sections in a similar manner as the actual paper.


4. Facebook:

Given the popularity of the social network. An application referred to as Facebook has been developed for smart phone users, e.g. Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and iPod Touch amongst others. It enables users to stay connected while on the move but still sharing information with their networks. Having achieved a baseline of 200 million users plus, Facebook must be the ones pushing for the application as a way of enhancing the experience of its users worldwide.


5. The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel also known as TWC is an application that is available across all platforms. Every application is distinct in that it brings the benefits of an actual OS on which it is running on. The application is preferred by a majority of users as it offers the functions for which it was developed for as it provides its users with specific information that they are looking for. The application supports adverts but is in no way intrusive. There is a banner at the top of the screen however this expands only if the user clicks on it.


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