Top 10 Bad Manners Adults Have

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Do you sometimes feel frustrated with friends and family members over their lack of etiquettes and good manners? I sometimes blush and have to duck my head a bit to spare myself the humiliation. Adults are no better than kids, especially in the following situations. Here are top 10 bad manners adults have, as described in situations.


1. Greeting:

I was once at an airport picking up a couple of friends coming back from vacation. Looking around, I saw two people I knew starring at me. I was saddened by the bad manners and lack of greeting. You expect a hello from everybody but sometimes you do not get one. Some adults just do not have the appropriate level of manners in this world. I sometimes have to repeat myself asking “aren’t you going to say hello.” I’ve said this more times than I have fingers and toes on my body.


2. Burping:

I am sitting down with an acquaintance in a downtown restaurant. Although it is not one of those high class restaurants, it is classy to say the least. We start talking about life and things we plan to do, while eating the contents brought to our table. All of the sudden I hear a burp. Ladies and gentleman, this was no ordinary burp. It was the type of burp, Homer Simpson does when he finishes a beer. Burping in public places is one bad manner adults have. The only country to accept belching as normal is East Timor.


3. Please and Thank you:

You are sitting with a bunch of friends at a small diner. You order food and have not yet said that you would like to share with others. Your friend is intrigued by your sandwich. He does not like his sandwich he ordered and wants a piece of yours. Before even asking if he could have one, he puts his hand on the sandwich. What happened to please and thank you, in today’s world? Some people just have bad manners.


4. Dinner Table Discussions:

You are with your friends watching sports and eating pizza and drinking beer. While eating…one friend brings up several inappropriate topics at the table. These topics make you want to puke. You really cannot and would not want to imagine what this friend is describing. Doesn’t anyone have their dinner table manner? I guess not.


5. Flatulence:

I call these people stinkerman or stinkerwoman, if you know what I mean. These are the people who decide to spray a foul smell in public. The worst is when you are in enclosed area. Things do happen but at least can they say excuse me? This is one bad manner parents never debunk.


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