Top 10 Crazy Places People Hide Money

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It is always funny to note where people stash their money. I still wonder why anyone would keep big bills in their home. It is dangerous and smells trouble when a burglar comes in. Interestingly enough, for this article, people do stash and hide money in their homes. They find some weird places to hide the bills. Here are just 10 crazy places people hide money.


1. Under the Mattress:

It is a very common practice for people to hide money under their mattress. They usually do so to wear off intruders and spouses/kids who keep asking for more money. One should not feel safe knowing that their money is under a mattress. They should be more subtle and discrete.


2. Bra:

Laugh all you want but it is true. Many waitresses and women hide money in the bras. They usually do so to attract more tips and for flirting purposes. I shall also add that, in Hollywood, women have put money in their bras so that men cannot steal it. I, however, believe this is a good place only if you are a tourist. Those who pick pocket would never think to look in there.


3. Floor:

I’ve found people to be even more creative. They would specifically have a loose piece of wood in the floor where money could be stored. Anyone walking would hardly notice it unless you tell them where the hiding spot is.


4. Freezer:

This is funny but still true. People are known to put money in the freezer wrapped in a zip lock bag or aluminum foil. You could also stuff the zip lock bag between meats and other frozen items which will cover the treasure. Most robbers would never check the freezer for money purposes.


5. Book:

People would stuff their money in a book pocket which is located in a library of thousands if not hundreds of books. Any robber will have to go rummaging through the hundreds of books to find which one has the money.


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