Top 10 Crazy Places People Hide Money

It is always funny to note where people stash their money. I still wonder why anyone would keep big bills in their home. It is dangerous and smells trouble when a burglar comes in. Interestingly enough, for this article, people do stash and hide money in their homes. They find some weird places to hide the bills. Here are just 10 crazy places people hide money.


1. Under the Mattress:

It is a very common practice for people to hide money under their mattress. They usually do so to wear off intruders and spouses/kids who keep asking for more money. One should not feel safe knowing that their money is under a mattress. They should be more subtle and discrete.


2. Bra:

Laugh all you want but it is true. Many waitresses and women hide money in the bras. They usually do so to attract more tips and for flirting purposes. I shall also add that, in Hollywood, women have put money in their bras so that men cannot steal it. I, however, believe this is a good place only if you are a tourist. Those who pick pocket would never think to look in there.


3. Floor:

I’ve found people to be even more creative. They would specifically have a loose piece of wood in the floor where money could be stored. Anyone walking would hardly notice it unless you tell them where the hiding spot is.


4. Freezer:

This is funny but still true. People are known to put money in the freezer wrapped in a zip lock bag or aluminum foil. You could also stuff the zip lock bag between meats and other frozen items which will cover the treasure. Most robbers would never check the freezer for money purposes.


5. Book:

People would stuff their money in a book pocket which is located in a library of thousands if not hundreds of books. Any robber will have to go rummaging through the hundreds of books to find which one has the money.


6. Safes:

If you watch a lot of Hollywood films you will see how creative people get. They have safes which can be opened only in one specific way. The key or entrance is somewhere hidden; sometimes in a flower pot and other times on the couch beneath the cushion.


7. Socks/Underwear:

This is the stupidest place to put money in. The first thing burglars do is go rummaging through your drawers trying to find valuables. As they fling your clothes they are bound to find the money stashed in socks/underwear.


8. Tennis Ball:

My friend gave me this idea when speaking to him with regard to this topic. He specified that someone can cut open a tennis ball, stuff money inside and put the tennis ball back inside a tube between two other balls. It is a practice done often to cheat a burglar.


9. Washing Machine:

All washing machines have metal panels at the back which you could easily remove. You can stash money there and no one would ever look. Burglars would never want to move a heavy machine to look behind for cash.


10. Tampon Box:

Enough said. Women have done it in the past. They should hide the box away from sight just not to attract attention.


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10 Responses

  1. larry

    I put mine in a ziploc bag and hide in in the worm bin… one, but no one goes there!

  2. ed

    An empty paint can filled with sand is a good one or in between
    studs in a wall which is patched up and painted.

  3. Bill

    Another one is zip lock baggies buried in a cat litter box with a few nice “lumps” on left on top.

  4. Strider

    Put the $$ into a *waterproof* container, then place the container in the toilet tank.

    As an added bonus, the container will cause less water to enter the tank per flush, resulting in a slightly lower water bill.

  5. D'Ann

    Ever seen the TV shows about what a burgler does to find valuables? He rips EVERYTHING apart! That include tearing apart furniture, dumping bins and drawers, pulling every book off the shelves and even flipping some of them upside down, emptying the contents of fridge and freezer, etc, etc, etc. Anything passing thru his hands that isn’t the right weight or rattles/jingles will get more attention. Hiding money in the house requires a great deal more ingenuity and effort than any of these ideas!!!

  6. Wally

    A burglar will find all 10 of those.

    Cut a hole in the wall.
    Fill with money.
    Patch & Paint.

    If you need to get at your money, put it behind the floor trim and caulk the edges.

  7. Sara

    I once hid my money in my…. Ummm women part… But only once and it was for a very good reason


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