Top 10 Misconceptions About Nursing

Nurses are healthcare professionals who are responsible for the treatment, safety, and recovery of ill patients. They work with doctors in rounds to make sure that all needs are met and that patients are taken care of. There are, however, some myths that need to be debunked. Stereotypes define nursing and I out to spell them out.


Myth 1: All nursing jobs are the same:

Truth: This is not correct. There are two main types of nursing titles: Registered Nurse and Registered Practical Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse. Each title has different job duties assigned to them. For example, you would see more RPNs/LPNs in the extensive care units, while more RNs will work in the emergency room. This is not to say that these duties are rigid. With further qualifications, the lines between RPN/LPN and RN become blurred.


Myth 2: Nurses cannot advance in their jobs:

Truth: Absolutely false. Many nurses go on to obtain their masters degree and become Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL). This position is developed to train highly skilled nurses, who focus on improving the quality and safety results for patients. Others can become Nurse Practitioners, who make decision when the doctor is absent.


Myth 3: Nurses wear white uniforms and a white hat:

Truth: Absolutely not…unless it is for traditional purposes. The uniform has not been used since World War II.


Myth 4: All nurses are women:

If anyone watched Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, you will see an example of a male nurse. It is quite usual now to have male nurses. Not all nurses will be female. According to statistics in 2010, 5% of nurses are male now in the United States. They are increasing, but the myth and stereotype has not gone away.


Myth 5: Male nurses are less respected:

Truth: There is no truth to this. There are some restrictions on where a male nurse can go for very obvious reasons. For example, maternity wards will mostly hire women nurses to assist with birth. Yet again this stereotype will probably go away as there are male doctors and gynecologists.


Myth 6: Nursing duties are not hard to perform:

Truth: Nurses take care of patients round the clock. They make them comfortable, take care of them, feed them and even provide them with medical care doctor prescribed. They work in rounds with the doctors and have a say in the decision making process. Their job is not easy as they deal with frustrated patients and do the work that leads up to the doctor visit.


Myth 7: Nurses are Failed Doctors:

Truth: This is a horrible stereotype that has not been debunked yet. It is not true in any sense. Many nurses are quite qualified and have the appropriate skills in what they do. There are various reasons why nursing was the only option; references could be made to money, job duties and the market. There are no statistics to prove this myth.


Myth 8: All nurses can prescribe pills and medication:

Truth: Nurses do initial work and doctors are the ones who assess the situation and prescribe the medication whenever necessary. If there is an emergency and the doctor is nowhere to be found, the Nurse Practitioner makes the call.


Myth 9: Nurses Get Burned Out:

Truth: Nurses are no different than other professionals. Each profession brings its own stress and workload. We can not judge as it is like comparing apples and oranges.


Myth 10: Nursing jobs are easy to find:

Truth: This all depends on the area and country you are working in. Nursing jobs now require more specific skills and training. If anyone wants to work in the emergency room, they will need extra courses and certifications before they are hired. It is very important to note that there are known barriers to nursing jobs, as much as there are job prospects.


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