Top 10 Estate Litigation Lawyers in Canada

Estate Litigation is the process of getting rid of all assets and property. The following top 10 estate and civil litigation lawyers will help set up a will and a trust for your estates. They will also walk you through the process of appointing an executor of the will and the estate and a power of attorney. If you have not done any of the following, your assets may end up in the wrong hands when you pass away.


1. Socken Law:

Allan H. Socken is the most trusted lawyer in Toronto when it comes to estate, trust, capacity and real estate issues. He has written extensively on topics relating to estate mediation and the process of resolving estate mediation issues. In addition to being a valuable lawyer, Allan Socken is an adjunct professor with the Osgoode Hall Law School.


2. Campbell Lea Barristers & Solicitors:

As an independent law firm in Charlottetown, PEI, Campbell Lea Barristers & Solicitors has been practicing law for more than a century. They employ a number of lawyers who specialize in estate planning and the administration of estates. They will help assign power of attorney, and will create wills and trusts in a cost effective manner.


3. Hull & Hull LLP:

Hull & Hull LLP provides expertise in matters relating to estate litigation and trusts. Located in Toronto, they have been a practicing law firm since 1957. They presently have four certified specialists in Estates and Trusts Law and two certified specialists in Civil Litigation working for them.


4. Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates:

Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates is a law firm based in Montreal, Quebec. There are currently 5 lawyers working in the firm, including Kalman Samuels, who has been practicing since 1957. They provide expertise knowledge in Estate accession, Montreal Family Law, International Family Law and Personal Rights/Elder Law.


5. Steele Urquhart:

Steele Urquhart specializes in estate litigation in the Vancouver, B.C. area. The lawyers also have extensive knowledge about arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution.


6. Kahane Law Office:

Located in Calgary, Alberta, this law office provides its expertise in real estate law, civil and commercial litigation, employment law and wills and estates. They will draft wills and assign power of attorney and an executor of the will, as specified by the client.


7. Ferguson Barristers LLP:

Ferguson Barristers LLP has 3 offices in Ontario: Midland, North Bay and Sudbury. They specialize in civil litigation and personal injury law. They will be glad to look after your estate litigation needs with their civil litigation expertise.


8. Burchell MacDougall Lawyers:

For over 50 years, Burchell MacDougall lawyers have provided their expertise in areas such as real estate, commercial law, civil litigation, estate and trusts, family law, employment law and administrative law. They serve the Truro, Halifax and Wolfvillle areas.


9. Johanne L. Amonson, Q.C. Professional Corporation:

Johanne L. Amonson, Q.C. Professional Corporation has been serving the Edmonton region in matters relating to estate administration, corporate law, family law and trusts. The company will draft a will, appoint power of attorney and will plan the administrative and legal aspects of estates, as per clients’ wishes.


10. Ticker Law:

Based in Markham, Ticker Law provides expertise in matters relating to wills and trusts, estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation. Charles Ticker will go through the legal process of estate planning and will explain all aspects. All key aspects will be updated with Ticker Law.


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