Top 10 Things To Do On Rainy Days

Many wonder what they could do on a rainy day. Despite misconceptions, people could achieve a lot of things on a rainy day. Children will not get bored from singing “Rain, rains go away, come again another day”. In fact they will love being indoors with the following top 10 activities to do with you when stuck indoors.


1. Jobs in exchange for Rewards:

You only have to put a thought in a child’s mind to have him/her pay attention. From vacuuming to cleaning the bedroom, there are plenty of things you can do with your child on a rainy day. To motivate your child to help, offer a reward for later. When cleaning the room, join them. As you go through material, note the historical significance. Many children love tall tales.


2. Build 3D Puzzles:

Knowing the problems and issues that are associated with rainy days, you should be prepared. Go to Toys ‘R US and buy one of those 3d puzzles of skyscrapers and towers. It is a fun and enjoyable activity for everyone. This should be done after chores are done and to compliment family time together. The final product is astounding and is usually collected for display in the basement.


3. Card House:

Be innovative and find new abilities as you build a card house. This is a good activity that shapes the confidence and skills of children. This is also an activity that is mind provoking and will definitely have your children full of excitement. You never know how skilful you are until you try this activity.


4. Organize photos:

Many families have photos that are scattered in bags, closets and drawers. With children, parents could create albums special to them, marking honorable events which are also dear to the whole family. All it takes is an album, glue and a label maker.


5. Watch a movie:

Even though it is raining and you cannot go outside, you can still watch a movie in the theater. Finding a movie that is good for the whole family will help you spend quality time with children you may not have when working or when it is a sunny day outside. When you compliment the movie with popcorn, children will be more than enthusiastic to enjoy the rainy day.

If you do not feel like going to a movie, Flicker and Movies on Demand will provide you with wider choices. These movies will also provide you with quality time you hope to always spend with family.


6. Experiments:

When you mention experiment, something is ought to be interesting. You can try out a new recipe or redesign your house to look differently. Maybe you can move furniture and furnishings to give your home a different look. If you have any children, let them join you in the decisions and in the process. Children love to get dirty and love to try and explore new ideas.


7. Clean-out garage/attic:

This day is a good one to clean out the attic/garage you’ve been meaning to clean for months. Take your children with you and allow them to help sort and distribute the valuables and invaluable into boxes. As you sort the non-necessities into boxes, become a role model by donating to charity.


8. Visit parents/grandparents:

If you have nothing better to do, visit a grandparent or parent and spend time with them. They will love having you over. Their stories will sparkle your eyes and make your rainy day go quicker.


9. Charades:

Play a game of charades on a rainy day. You will have you and your family laughing out of their seats, as various individuals perform funny moves. This activity is fun for the whole family and one can spice things up by having ideas put in a bowl. As someone comes up, they will pick an item from the bowl to perform.


10. Sleep:

Not many get a good rest on a weekday. If there is nothing better to do, have a nap and enjoy some peaceful time to yourself. You will feel more rejoiced and ready to take on life in a more positive way.


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  1. Dman

    Pretty pathetic list. No mention of reading a book – something that might actually provide long term benefits. Watch a movie? Yeah, let’s just add to the atrophy of the brain. What a stoopid idea!


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