Top 10 Influential TV Teenagers

The follow top 10 influential TV teenagers are excellent role models. They may have some faults, but work to better their lives. They are usually portrayed as bring protagonists who struggle similarly to real life teenagers. Many teenagers love watching them as they clearly connect when necessary.


1. Miley Stewart/Hanna Montana:

Hanna Montana is a comedy which ran from 2006-2011. It centers on a teenager, Miley Stewart, who is a school girl during the day and a pop singer named Hanna Montana by night. Only her close friends and family know about the double life Miley Stewart (Aka. Hanna Montana) lives. Miley Stewart is a great role model for all teenagers as she tackled bullying and social scenes in high school. Many could easily relate to a character who needs to adjust to a new lifestyle and school when moving into a new city.


2. Malcolm Wilkerson:

Malcolm in the Middle’s protagonist Malcolm Wilkerson is an excellent role model. He struggles through life to come to terms with his ingenuity. His perseverance especially in tough times is an example of a character trait all students should exhibit. He usually is seen as a decision maker in the family, providing support and advice to adults, parents and siblings.


3. Carly Shay:

Carly Shay in the TV show iCarly is another great role model on television. She is everything any teenager could ask for to be brought on television. She has a great mind, is always kind and generous. She hardly shows her rebellious and altruistic side. She is a great role model as she shows good character (optimism, perseverance) to high school children around the world. My 8 year old brother loves to watch her shows and often looks up to Miranda Cosgrove (the actress) because she is always the ‘nice’ one.


4. Lizzie McGuire:

The TV show, Lizzie McGuire starring Hilary Duff was viewed by many adolescents and preteens between 2001 and 2004. The events Lizzie goes through are part of everyday life for teenagers. She is a perfect example of someone struggling in school and having authority seeking parents. However, her behaviour is not in any way role modeling.


5. Zack Morris:

Those who grew up in the 1990s still remember Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. He was a loveable character, literally connecting with his viewers by breaking the third wall. He usually is seen interacting with viewers and giving them advice. He stands to show others a perfect example of consequences for those who defy rules. Throughout high school, Zack did not want to study. He almost did not graduate because of his egoism.


6. Teddy Montgomery:

In season 3 of 90210, the producers decided to tackle homosexuality in a realistic manner. Teddy Montgomery was a stereotypical teenager who wanted to conform to all other high school students and to his family’s norms. He was a likeable sportsman who attracted women in his local high school. In his senior year, his feelings for men expanded exponentially. His decision to come out of the closet served as an inspiration to all teenagers. The trials and tribulations portrayed the many problems and issues many homosexuals feel when trying to come out of the closet.


7. Rory Gilmore:

Rory Gilmore from the Gillmore Girls is an excellent influence on adolescents and teenagers in today’s society. She was a bright student who often would do charitable work around her town with her single breadwinner mother. As many teenagers do in real life, Rory has a hard time choosing her loved ones. She is often seen torn between two men she loves: Dean and Jesse.


8. Abby Carlton:

Abby Carlton is portrayed on the Young and the Restless as a wealthy teenager who wants to be accepted for who she really is. She tries to gain the attention of her parents who are sometimes busy in their lives. Sadly the show decided to age a 10 year old character too quickly. However, many viewers were still able to feel for Abby’s pressure and desire for attention.


9. Starr Manning:

On One Life to Live, we’ve watched Starr Manning grow from a rebellious brat to an influential and role modeled character. She is often seen struggling to make the right decisions which sometimes lead her to trouble. After finding herself pregnant, a teenage Starr had to take on the role of motherhood. Starr Manning is an excellent and influential character as she serves to show the consequences of teenagers’ actions when being rebellious. Her portrayer Kristin Alderson does an excellent job speaking to her audience about the repercussions elaborating and sometimes connecting with what teenagers around the world may go through.


10. Naomi Clark:

On 90210 Naomi Clark is your stereotypical teenager seeking attention anywhere she can get it. She comes from a high class family where everything is served on a silver platter. After being raped by her teacher, Naomi begins to finally understand life; not through rose coloured glasses. She takes on life more seriously and decides to better herself. She does not judge anyone based on looks and gives everyone the attention they deserve. She is a good example of someone who can change if they are willing to change. A façade never helps a person.


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