Top 10 October Events

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6. American War of Independence Victory:

October 16, 1781: George Washington captures Yorktown. This was a decisive victory for the American and French forces. The battle was the last to be fought during the American Revolutionary Wars.


7. Saturday Night Massacre:

October 20, 1973: Richard Nixon fires his Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General for not firing the Watergate Scandal prosecutor. Does this sound like a President who was innocent?


8. October Crisis:

Quebec separatist and terrorist group FLQ kidnap Labour and Immigration Minister Pierre Laporte. The group was also responsible for the bombing of the Montreal Stock Exchange.


9. Tlateloco Massacre:

October 2, 1968: The Mexican government massacred student and civilian protesters and bystanders, 10 days before the Olympics in Mexico City. The demonstrations were peaceful, despite government claims.


10. Mussolini is made Prime Minister:

October 30, 1922: Benito Mussolini is made Prime Minister after a democratic election. He goes down in books as a Nazi Collaborator and as one of three Axis leaders.


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