Top 10 Inexpensive First Date Gifts and Ideas

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When going on first dates, many men are unsure what to buy a girl as a gift. Furthermore, they are worried about being too cheap. Here are 10 first date gift ideas that are inexpensive. It is the actual thought that will matter in this case.


1. Flowers:

Almost all girls love flowers, especially roses on the first date. Just remember not to buy too cheap as the flowers may die early. There is a superstition that stipulates that the life of roses depend on the affection between the guy giving the roses and the girl receiving them.


2. Stuffed Toy:

Many girls love stuffed toys. They use them as a decoration in their room and as a pillow to put their head on. If you go on a date at a carnival, you could always win the stuffed toy for the date. If you bought a rose, a small stuffed toy goes well with it.


3. Buy/Rent a Movie:

You should ask the girl what movie she loves to watch before buying it. Once you know her favourite movie genre, buy or rent a film for both of you to enjoy. It is always good to buy a romantic movie….but ask just in case.


4. Coffee/Tea:

Start out small on the first date, especially when it is a blind one. Treat the girl to coffee or tea as a starter. After discussing your plans over coffee/tea, you can always ask her out for more (i.e., lunch or dinner) and continue your date there. I once had 3 events in one first date: coffee, lunch and bonfire. It worked out just fine. Take things gradually.


5. Corsage:

If you are going to your first prom, it is always good to buy a girl a corsage. If you want to be more generous, buy the girl a corsage and a rose.


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