Top 10 Inexpensive First Date Gifts and Ideas

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6. Wine:

If you are picking your date up at her house or apartment, never go empty handed. Bring a bottle of wine with you to give to her. It shows that you appreciate the time she spends with you.


7. Chocolates:

If it is Valentine’s Day and you are on the first date, bring a box of chocolates. Just be sure to ask if she likes chocolate and sweets. You never know what her restrictions are. DO NOT buy chocolates that are sold in convenience stores. Be more tactful.


8. Candles:

It is a positive gift that shows a man’s affection. It is mystical and can always lead into different avenues.


9. Book:

If you know what the girl is reading, you can always buy her favourite book or a book you both love to read. It could be a great Valentine’s first date gift.


10. Pay for the date:

There is no better way to say this. PAY FOR THE DATE! That is the best gift you can give a girl you go on a date with for the first time.


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