Top 10 Armageddon Predictions

Scientists have believed for centuries that doomsday will once come. With growing environmental and political problems, many argue that this day is near. Many films have broadcast this theme and have impacted our sense of belief. Here are 10 Armageddon predictions we’ve come to understand.

Top 10 Infamous Female Nazis

Female Nazis were generally low to middle class and had no work experience. Volunteers were enlisted by ads in German newspapers which asked for women to show their love for the Reich and join the SS-Gefolge.

Top 10 Things To Do On Rainy Days

Many wonder what they could do on a rainy day. Despite misconceptions, people could achieve a lot of things on a rainy day. Children will not get bored from singing “Rain, rains go away, come again another day”. In fact they will love being in doors with the following top 10 activities to do with you when stuck in doors.

Top 10 Events of 1968

1968 was a tumultuous year which shook the world on 5 of the 6 continents. From assassinations to student protests to large strikes, we saw it all happen right in front of eyes and on TV. Although tumultuous, it brought success in the market as the auto industry was booming and the race to the moon was making progress. Here are the top 10 events of 1968.

Top 10 Mistresses

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods have been recently exposed for their infidelity or shall I say infidelities. This article would be boring if Schwarzenegger and Woods’ mistresses occupied the top 2 spots.