Top 10 Common Female Fantasies

We all have fantasies. Some of our fantasies run wild while we’re kids. When we become adults, the fantasies linger with us. Who would not like to fantasize about a dream and fairy tale wedding? Better yet…who would not dream about winning the lottery and not going to work? We all do.

Here is a list of top 10 fantasies women have. Raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2. Remember what Freud once said: only unsatisfied people have sexual fantasies.


1. Winning the lottery:

75/100 women fantasize regularly about winning the lottery. Many of them admit that they play weekly lotto to advance their chances of winning. Some have also grouped together to multiply their chances of winning.


2. Prince-Charming:

85% of the survey unmarried women fantasize about marrying a prince charming with the right physique. Some even desired to find a husband that will let them stop working.


3. A Day in the Life of a Man:

40/100 women wondered and fantasized about what it would be like to live a life of the opposite sex. They tried to understand men’s actions and tried to understand why they act the way they do. This situation is similar to Beyoncé’s song…If I Were a Boy….


4. Lesbianism/Bisexualism:

Many women also admitted that they fantasized about being a lesbian. These individuals were all straight; dating or married. I believe it was just the social influences and stereotypes which brought out such fantasies. They agreed.


5. No Responsibilities:

Women have a huge load of work to do. Many of them work, care for kids, husband and the house. They cook, wash, clean and read bedtime stories to their kids. When feeling tired, some women dream about being free of all responsibilities.


6. Emotional Needs:

Women tend to be emotional and intimate. They are overly concerned about others, including their love.


7. Beauty:

Women worry about their beauty. They want to make sure that their faces and body are perfect. They sometimes compare themselves with other women, including celebrities. This is in tune with Freud’s quote on non-satisfaction.


8. Being in Control:

Almost all of the women surveyed believed that they thought about being in control and wanting to have more power than they at the time had. They even dreamed about teaching someone a lesson or two about morals. Rightfully so, I may add.


9. Getaway island:

Massages and sitting on the beach with a tropical drink and with no one to bother them were a quote taken from someone being surveyed. Stress sometimes gets to people in the wrong ways. Fantasies are a way to deal with the stress.


10. First Time/First Kiss:

Women, who never slept with a guy, fantasize about their first time or kiss. Who does not? Men do it all the time. It’s natural for heaven’s sake. Movies like Juno would not be popular otherwise. People easily connect.


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  1. Jenni

    Absolutely not true that lesbian fantasies would be acquired from the society by social influences, stereotypes or any other means. I have had those feelings since I was a small small child -way before I ever saw two girls together anywhere or heard about the stereotype. I have also heard other straight and bisexual girls report the same. And I’m married to a guy so I’m obviously not a lesbian. I wouldn’t marry a woman so I consider myself straight -a lesbian would live their life only with a woman and a bisexual can choose eather way, a man or a woman. If I just want sex with women (but don’t want to live with them) that doesn’t make me bisexual but straight. I can honestly say that attraction to women is a part of sexual orientation and is inborn. Explaining it with society is a common delusion. It’s such and easy answer given by those who just don’t feel like that and can’t understand. If I had born in another society where open sexuality weren’t tolerated I would still have had those feelings but only I would know about them since I would probably have hidden my feelings.

    I’m so grateful I live in a society where I can be myself and be attracted to whoever I want and choose my life myself without fear of being persecuted and without a controlling state.


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