Top 10 Educational Videos For New Teachers

The following videos are exemplary for  new teachers who are struggling with their careers or in the classroom. You may want to watch some of them to get the gist of what to do on the first day of school. My favourite is Rick Lavoie’s Poker Chips Analogy.

If you love satire and do not suffer a lack of humor, watch YouTube videos of Gerry Dee.



Title: First Day of School: How To Be An Effective Teacher

Hosts: Harry KC. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong

Description: Complimenting his book, Harry Wong looks at how teachers need to set up everything from grade books to their classrooms. He stresses the importance of establishing routines and procedures to classroom management from day 1 (First Day of School).



Title: When the Chips are Down:

Host: Rick Lavoie

Description: Richard Lavoie provides practical advice to teachers on how to deal with behavioral problems swiftly and effectively. He examines how preventative discipline forestalls many problems before they start. He provides alternatives for teachers and parents to use, in order to make the classroom more predictable and flourishing.



Title: Educating Peter

Director: Geraldine Wurzburg

Description: Peter Gwazdauska is a person with Downe Syndrome. For many years he attended classes with children like himself. The film, EDUCATING PETER, examines Peter’s strife in first year in a mainstream classroom. Teachers can examine the strategies, Mts. Stallings and her students used to accept and trust Peter.



Title: Misunderstood Minds Searching for Success in School

Director: Michael Kirk

Description: The 90-minute documentary follows the life of five families with children who struggle with learning disabilities



Title: Beyond the F.A.T. System

Host: Rick Lavoie

Description: F.A.T. (Frustration, Anxiety, Tension) are characteristics which describe many students with learning disabilities. In this video, Lavoie helps parents and teachers understand the source of the characteristics He also helps them move and see beyond; examining the forest and not the trees.



Title: Journey into the Darkness

Director: Gabriela Quiros

Description: Many wonder how they can prepare someone who is becoming blind. Quest chronicles adults through a physical and psychological training. The video examines how adults learn to live without their sight. Teachers could use this video to motivate students who are blind or have a hard time seeing. Everything is possible and everyone can achieve the same results.



Title: The Power of Dyslexia


Description: The video examines famous people who have struggled with reading because of dyslexia. It provides insight to new teachers about the learning disability and how to help students overcome it with time.



Title: Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshop

Producer: WGBH Educational Foundation

Description: This video demonstrates ways elementary school teachers can help their students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. Eight half-hour workshop video programs have experts discuss the current research on learning to read and teaching a diverse range of students.



Title: Secondary Management – Restorative Justice in Action 1

Producer: Teachers TV


Description: The video examines the impact of restorative approaches on classroom and behavioural management. It furthermore examines ways of avoiding instant punishments and confrontation. There are other methods of dealing with behavioural issues other than kicking pupils out of the classroom and sending them to the office.



Title: Supporting English Language Learners, Grades 1-8

Producer: The Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat


Description: The video defines ELL. It also examines how principal and teachers can provide optimal learning for ELL students and meeting their needs.


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