Top 10 Fitness Personalities

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There are many fitness icons who’ve tried to revolutionize fitness training, weight loss and becoming fit. The following 10 fitness personalities have gained widespread popularity and have had a major impact on North Americans with their innovative initiatives.


1. Tony Horton:

Tony Horton is a fitness instructor and personality most famous for his boot camp style home fitness program. The P90X program, as it is called, has sweat inducing and muscle pumping exercises which ought to revolutionize people in 90 days. In his free time, Horton tries to push his body to the limit in the water and on the slopes. He runs gymnastics programs for him and his friends every Sunday.


2. Richard Simmons:

Simmons is another fitness personality who promotes weight loss programs on VHS, DVD and television. He began his career by opening up a gym called Simmons, which tried to help overweight and obese people lose weight. In addition to being a fitness personality, he is a political activist. He advocates for physical education as a non-competitive in public schools.


3. Jack Lalanne:

This fitness expert and personality was strong and healthy to his dying day. He was always seen on many infomercials around North America promoting the Juicer and healthy drinking and eating. He complimented his juicer with a recipe book for those interested in buying. In 1950s, he opened up fitness centers that preached the health benefits of regular exercises and good diets. Additionally, he ran television exercise programs for woman. Overall, he is an excellent role model, as he died at 96. Even when ill, he was exercising.


4. Chuck Norris:

This martial artist and actor began to do infomercials for Total Gym Home Equipment. The machines were designed for stretching, strength training and Pilates training. He even has his own martial arts school called Chun Kuk Do.


5. Bob Harper:

Appearing on the show called The Biggest Loser, Harper is recognized for training many celebrities such as Jennifer Jason Leigh. In 2010, he launches a website called MyTrainerBob which provides tips on weight loss.


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