Top 10 Green Tea Selling Companies

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Green Tea is popular in all inhabitable continents. Originating in Asia, it is now manufactured in England, the United States and many other countries. The following companies have been able to keep the Asian traditions and bring them into the luxury of our homes.


1. Twinnings:

The U.K. company has marketed tea products since 1706. The company logo is one of the oldest to date. The drink is pure and light in taste.


2. Lipton:

The Lipton Brand is owned by Unilever and is available in 110 countries. It was created by Sir Thomas Lipton in Scotland in the 19th century. The company sells green tea caffeinated, decaffeinated and infused with fruit flavours such as passion fruit and orange.


3. Wissotzky:

The Wissotzky tea company is an Israeli/European one. It was founded in Moscow in 1849 and presently has headquarters in Tel Aviv. The leaves come directly from China and are plucked when still young. Tea bags are doubled to ensure maximum infusion. The tea is widely sold around the world, including in Canada and the United States.


4. Akbar Brothers:

Since 1907, Akbar Brothers has been a family owned business with five generations of experience and knowledge of tea trade. Today Akbar is ranked as the largest exporter of Ceylon Tea, a position held for the past 19 consecutive years. They have regular green tea and lemon green tea products which are sold widely around the world.


5. Tetley:

Joseph and Edward Tetley have been in the business of making tea since the early 19th century. The company was purchased in 2000 by India’s Tata Group. The company’s products are sold in 40 countries and are sold in over 60 blends. Their green teas are created using Asian traditions.


6. Tassimo:

This coffee/tea company also manufactures tea products. They recommend serving Green Tea in a large heatproof glass or mug with 1 tsp. sugar. Ice cubes, fresh mint and a halved fresh strawberry should be added for better taste. The company is mainly a consumer coffee machine producer that prepares one-cup servings of espresso, regular coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and various other caffeinated drinks. The company began in France in 2004 and has since expanded to North America and many other countries in Europe.


7. Arizona:

This USA based company is a mass producer of Iced Tea products and energy drinks. The Green Tea product came out in 1992. Drinks are infused with corn syrup and Splenda sweetener. The product is widely sold in Canada, USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.


8. JPort:

J-PORT Green Tea specializes in Japanese premium quality teas and tea accessories. J-PORT imports 60+ blends of teas and accessories from various regions in Japan and its producers. All selected tea companies have won prizes for best green tea of Japan.


9. Tim Hortons:

Tim Hortons Green Teas are popular. Many love drinking the green tea with milk/cream and/or sugar. The blend is mixed with lemongrass and evokes the spirit of Asia in North America. The company has both hot and cold options available.


10. O-cha:

While the majority of the Japanese green teas comes from Shizuoka Prefecture, Uji is the oldest tea producing area in Japan, since 12th century. has been selling green tea from those regions since 1998. They do not use 3rd party companies and directly ship their products throughout the world.


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