Top 10 Food For Long Time Storage

People wonder what food lasts longer. Which items do not have an expiry date within 2-3 week? This article examines 10 food items which are non-perishable and will last for a long time, or at least through an emergency.


1. Canned Items:

– Canned Chicken, Beef, Ham (Spam)

– Canned vegetables that are preserved

– Canned fruit that is preserved in its own juice

– Canned soups-can be a meal of itself

– Canned Tuna and other fish (check expiry date)


2. Grains

– Pasta

– Rice

– Oatmeal

– Granolas

– Pretzels


3. Dried Fruits:

– Mangoes

– Cherries

– Pineapples

– Figs


4. Spreads:

– Peanut Butter


5. Drinks:

– Spring Water

– Sparkling Water


6. Snacks:

– Trail mix bars

– Granola bars

– Dark Chocolate


7. Nuts:

– Almonds

– Cashews

– Peanuts

– All other nuts are as long lasting. These are just examples.


8. Oils:

All types of vegetable oils are non-perishable and last long. They are good for a number of things including cooking and making salads.


9. Powdered Milk:

Although the milk that usually comes in containers spoil within 2-3 weeks, powdered milk lasts longer. It is a good way to keep your vitamins despite hard times.


10. Instant Coffee/Tea:

These items last for years and will not rot or smell. They will always be the same. They are good to have in the house just in case of emergencies.


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  1. Kathleen Moore

    What about dried beans and legumes i.e. pinto, navy, kidney beans and lentils, split peas. These make good long term storage. Bugs can grow in flour, oatmeal and cereals but a few bay leaves can prevent that. Soy products can be dried as a protein source used in place of meat. Also you can purchase dried cheese and dried eggs for cooking as well as powdered milk. Protein powders are also available. Water stored in plastic can become toxic due to the plastic leaching into the water, particularly if it gets frozen or exposed to heat. It may be okay for brushing teeth, washing hands, but not to drink. Dried meat known as jerky can also be a good protein source.


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