Top 10 Foolish Jobs People Take On

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to face the facts staring in front of us. Our workplace has transformed the last few decades. People are finding colourful and sometimes foolish ways to make a living. Here are just 10 foolish jobs people take on.

This article is focused on the risks associated with specific jobs. It does not serve to discredit someone’s profession. It merrily opens the wider spectrum to readers.


1. Escort:

Becoming an escort is considered taboo. It is one foolish and crazy way of working. Many people make money sleeping with strangers. Although the money is big, it cannot buy happiness. Escorts’ lives may change forever with one mistake. Remember: One mistake can cost them their health and life.


2. Porn Star:

While you are still young, this is a good way to earn money. What happens when you obtain an HIV infection or even Hepatitis-C from your porn career? You will no longer have a job and will no longer be wanted. In fact…you may find yourself on the street with no career. Just ask Mason Wyler, Brooke Ashley and Tricia Devereaux, who contracted HIV while doing porno.


3. Beggar:

When I say beg, I am not talking about the homeless. I am rather talking about the people who write notes on a piece of napkin or paper which asks for money for them. They stipulate that their husbands have died; they are not working and have three hungry children at home. There are also those who are deaf and come around restaurants wanting people to buy their card.


4. Robber:

People resort to this as well. Yes, in fact people plan months ahead of time to make sure their plot goes well. Many decide that banks will provide them with a lifetime of cash. In reality, robbing a bank or anything else may provide robbers and thieves with a lifetime of luxury in the big house.


5. Coin Collector (from fountains):

People throw coins into fountains in order to get good luck. Others use this opportunity to sweep up any cash they can get or find.


6. Buggy-Returner:

Many people do not have the patience of returning their buggy to get their $$0.25 back. Other people, who are desperate, sweep up the buggies at the parking lot of the supermarket and try to earn a living that way. I know one person who earned $5 a day doing that in 1-3 hours.


7. Gambler:

There is one gentleman I know who gambled in 3 different locations. He wanted to cash in on the big bucks and spent 3 times the limit set by the gambling association. When he tried to cash in his prize, the gambling association would not award all his winnings. You’d be surprised how many people try to scam the Gambling Company and beat the system.


8. Pawn:

People turn to pawn shops when they are strapped for cash. Some of the items they pawn are precious and sentimental. Many people fail to realize the extent of their actions until it is too late.


9. Video Game Expert:

Those who watch Survivor may remember Ken Hoang. He is a professional electronic sports player, who plays Super Mario Bros. games. There is no way to escalate in this role. This is also a temporary job that pays while people are young. As Ken may get older, he may find himself unemployed with no relevant skills and experience…well except strategizing.


10. Work from Home:

Many people fall for these scams posted on the internet and pay money to get jobs. If everyone could earn money sitting at home, wouldn’t they all quit nursing, teaching etc.? Many people are just blinded by propaganda and their greed for money.


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