Top 10 Pro Euthanasia Arguments

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6. Cut Health Costs/Increase Health Resources:

In most countries there is an absence of health funds. Proponents of Euthanasia argue that hospitals put their resources towards helping those who do not want to be helped or those who cannot be cured. They thus argue that euthanasia can free valuable funds to help people who want to live.


7. Death is not the end of life:

Many proponents also argue that death is not the end to someone’s life. According Hindu traditions, people who die go through several stages of rebirth. Judaism believes that life keeps on living after death. The only problem here is that many religions do not condone suicide.


8. Follow Jesus’ Advice:

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you.“ Many proponents argue for people to put themselves in the shoes of the terminally ill.


9. Voluntary Euthanasia:

To prevent anyone from taking advantage, many just argue for the voluntary euthanasia to be legalized. That means that euthanasia will be dependent on the person`s wishes and only that person`s.


10. Eugenics:

In the 20th century, many fascists tried to clean the world of the mentally ill and the Jewish people. The Nazis, in particular, studied the facial features to determine who lived and who died. They did this because they felt that there were too many people living and leaching off the societies. This is one of the major reasons people are afraid of euthanasia.

Historic Fact: First Nazi Gas Chambers were used on the mentally ill. Zyklon B was also first tried on them before it was used on the Jews, POWs and Gypsys.


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