Top 10 Home Survival Items

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6. Alcohol:

This is not for the purposes you think. Alcohol cleans infections and wounds. If you do not have any rubbing alcohol, vodka could work. Have at least one bottle in the house; two if you are a drinker.


7. Flashlight:

When experiencing a blackout, you may need flashlights. Candles and flashlights could go a long way to help you move around. Otherwise you are immobile.


8. Batteries:

You may need to run things on battery as there is no electricity. Batteries are essential for a number of items such as radio.


9. Portable Radio:

You need some kind of communication with the outside world in case of emergencies. Portable radios which are powered by batteries will work wonders. You may understand what you will have to do sooner rather than later.


10. Clothes:

Obviously, you need clothes wherever you go. You may find yourself limited without them. Pack clothes into a suitcase, if you are warned ahead of time about the emergency.


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