Top 10 Male Celebrities With STD

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Many celebrities are too wild for life. They contract STDs and are not upfront about it. Many of the celebrities on this list even got sued for knowingly infecting others. Here are top 10 male celebrities with STD.


1. Bill Clinton (Herpes):

Pictures have been floating around showing Clinton being a carrier of the Herpes Virus. He was a pictured with an open sore which is a sign of oral herpes. One cannot help but thing where he could have gotten it from? From his many mistresses perhaps?


2. Magic Johnson (HIV):

This retired professional basketball player announced that he has contracted HIV in 1991 after having multiple sex partners throughout his basketball career. This forced him into temporary retirement until 1992. Due to pressures, he retired again in 1996. He founded the Magic Johnson Foundation to combat HIV/AIDS.

Fast forward twenty-one years after his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers because of HIV, Magic” Johnson is a symbol of hope for more than a million Americans living with this deadly disease. Johnson is now a successful businessman, a basketball commentator, a doting husband and a grandfather of two. Yet he’s still raising money and awareness, always working to create a better future for others.


3. David Hasselhoff (Herpes):

When Hasselhoff divorced his wife Pamela Bach in 2006, secrets came out. One juicy secret revealed that Hasselhoff has Genital Herpes, which is not curable. In fact she claimed that Hasselhoff never told about having Herpes until it was too late.


4. Keith Richards (Hepatitis C):

The famous guitarist and founder of Rolling Stones has/had STD. He contracted Hepatitis C, but according to Richard is gone due to the strength of his immune system. This is nearly impossible since Hepatitis C is not curable.

Doctors now want his body after he dies so they can study his immune system an how it faught against the Hep C virus. The medical community believes that if Keith Richards donates his body to them when he dies they will be able to figure out how to make others feel better after being diagnoses with the virus by figuring out how he been able to live a long healthy life despite his admission that he eats everything wrong.


5. Phil Lesh (Hepatitis C):

The founding member and bassist of The Grateful Dead contracted Hepatitis C in 1992. He required a liver transplant in 1998, which the STD affects and lacerates. He is now an advocate of organ donations.


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