Top 10 Male Celebrities With STD

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6. Robin Williams (Herpes):

Although Robin Williams has never admitted it, he was sued by his ex-girlfriend for $6 million. The ex claimed that she was infected by Williams with Genital Herpes. The suit was settled out of court.

The lawsuit against Robin Williams makes us revisit the question of whether a person infected with a sexually transmitted disease has a legal responsibility to tell his/her sexual partner and to avoid behavior that might recklessly lead to transmission. In dozens of herpes lawsuits around the world, courts generally ruled in the affirmative.

But the spread of AIDS, and its death rate, has made the sexual climate even more uneasy. The Centers for Disease Control believes that over 1 million Americans are infected with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. Herpes has become the country’s most prevalent sexually transmitted virus, effecting as many as 31 million Americans, 10 times as many people as were known to have had it in 1966.

7. Michael Vick (Herpes):

This American Football player also is a carrier of Herpes. A health care worker sued Vick for knowingly transmitting the STD to her. The case was settled out of court. According to the health care worker, Vick apologized for not disclosing that information.


8. David Crosby (Hepatitis):

With a history of drug abuse, it is no surprise that Crosby (legendary rock star) contracted Hepatitis C. He required a liver transplant due to the STD in 1995. He is still very active and is an advocate in finding a cure for the disease.


9. Billy Graham (Hepatitis C):

This wrestling champion also contracted Hepatitis C, which required him a liver transplant. In 2002 he received a liver transplant. The liver problems did not stop there and he had to be hospitalized quite a few time, including in 2010.


10. Billy Idol (Herpes):

This 50+ pop star admitted that he has STD in an interview with Rolling Stones magazine.


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