Top 10 Soft Drinks Pulled From the Shelf

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Many Pepsi and Coca Cola companies tried but failed to bring out newer products. Many products mimicked top of the line drinks and failed as well. Here are ten soft drink brands which were pulled from the shelf.


1. Tab

This is a diet cola, manufactured and produced by Coca Cola Company in 1963. It was marketed after the successful sales of Diet Rite cola. Since its sweetener was rumored to be an animal carcinogen, the drink was discontinued.


2. Slice:

Everyone loves Sprite…yet when Pepsi tried to mimic the drink with Slice, things did not go as planned. They had various flavors made with grapefruit, peach and lemon-lime etc. With the introduction of Sierra Mist, the brand faded away by 2006.


3. Surge

This was a citrus drink that originated in Norway in 1996. The Norwegian name was Urge and the American name was Surge, under the ownership of Coca Cola. It is no longer being sold in Denmark, Sweden and the United States. Norway still continues to sell the product.


4. Clearly Canadian (Peach):

This is a flavored and sweet sparkling water drink that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. They used to have a great peach flavor which was suddenly discontinued. On the news it was announced the company is out of flavored ideas altogether. Nothing new is coming out.


5. Hubba Bubba Soda:

This drink came from the Hubba Bubba Corporation. They had both regular and diet version of this drink before it was discontinued. The company itself is a subsidiary of Mars.


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