Top 10 Mineral Water Brands

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As water pours down, it hits volcanic and other rocks that are full of minerals. These minerals help people prevent chronic diseases, bone and stomach problems amongst others. Here are top 10 mineral water brands people should drink. They should stay away from cheap water which takes out all the minerals.


1. Evian:

French brand of mineral water that is widely sold in Europe, Canada and the United States. It comes from Évian-les-Bains, a commune with a number of French spa resorts. The product is a luxury and is expensive. It was part of the mystery Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.


2. Perrier:

This bottled mineral water comes from the French Commune, Vergeze. It is very expensive to buy a bottle of Perrier as it is the most popular and one of the most prestigious in North America and France. With the exception of one incident, Perrier provides purified water without any chemicals that can cause cancer and other diseases. In 1992, it was bought by Nestle.

8 oz. of mineral water contains 2 mg sodium. Perrier also contains magnesium and potassium, which you need in order to obtain an ideal health.


3. Borjomi:

If you are Russian, you understand what Borjomi tastes like. The taste is quite different and is something out of this world. No company has been able to mimic this kind of mineral water. Produced in Georgia, it is water of volcanic origin that is pushed to the surface by natural carbon dioxide. It helps prevent chronic and metabolism health problems.


4. San Pellegrino:

This is another widely known brand of naturally carbonated mineral water. It is sold widely in Europe, and North America. It has been mainly produced in San Pellegrino, Italy for the last 600 years. In 1988, it was bought by Nestle. Its rich calcium and magnesium levels help bones stay healthy.


5. Naya’s Spring:

Naya’s Spring is a Canadian based water company which is natural and pure and comes from Canadian springs. Its pH level is neutral and has a perfect balance of minerals, except for sodium. Sodium is naturally not existent in the water.


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