Top 10 Reasons For Not Doing Homework

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Homework is a pain for students. Many youngsters do not like to complete their tasks. They make up excuses which are sometimes preposterous. Here are the top 10 reasons for not doing homework. Raise your hand if you recognize one or two. Don’t be shy we are culpable of at least one.


1. My dog ate my homework (Excuse):

This is a classic excuse students use to get away with incomplete assignments. Bart Simpson popularized this term with his laziness. Usually this phrase means that the student has no care for his/her work.


2. Sick:

Teachers have heard these excuses plenty of times. From having a belly ache to their hands hurting to even getting a headache. Students will make up anything just to get out of doing homework.


3. Computer broke:

This one time I had students lined up at my door because the internet and printer were not working. They thus could not hand in their assignment/homework to me. At that point I utilize a USB key.


4. Death:

Take out a handkerchief because sometimes this excuse is a lie students tell. Universities and even schools now require a professional note to accompany this reason.


5. Book left at school:

This is another popular reason for not completing tasks and homework assignments. Many students sometimes leave their belongings at school. Teachers are now being cleverer. They partner students with others. If something is misplaced, they can call someone from the same class and share. No EXCUSES!


6. Cleaning Lady`s Fault:

Yesterday, the cleaning lady cleaned my house and put my papers somewhere I could not find them. The papers included the instructions to doing my homework. No instructions = no homework. Not an excuse many teachers believe unless a parent confirms it,


7. Mugged:

Great but preposterous: My bag was stolen with all my books, papers and binders. Someone mugged me on the way to school today.


8. Sleep:

Some students use the excuse of sleeping for not completing homework. When this is not enough, students add that their mother forgot to wake them up.


9. Washing machine:

Students will also use the excuse that their homework was in the clothes which were washed the same day. They also blame the occurrence on a parent for not checking the pockets. Students never take responsibility for their actions. They will just keep pointing fingers at others.


10. Simple:

“I don`t want to do homework because I simply don`t want to. There`s nothing in it for me to do what you want me to do. You are not the boss of me.“ Students say this when the mean it bluntly. These students are usually the aggressive ones.


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  1. Blair Ivey

    I had a number of classes (nearly all math) in college in which assignments were required on a weekly basis; no slack, and no allowances. One professor explained his ‘no-makeup’ policy thus: “When I’ve allowed make-up work, I always hear the same excuses about cars breaking down and grandparents passing away. I’ve found that if I don’t allow make-up work, everyone’s car works and grandpa and grandma make it through the year.”


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