Top 10 Places To Lose Your Keys

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If you ever lose this your keys, do not make the same mistake twice. Do yourself a favour and buy a key chain that goes around your neck. Surveying 50, here are the top 10 places you lose your keys.


1. In the Ignition:

Forgetting or losing keys inside a car is quite popular. Professional locksmiths would not be in business otherwise. They are made and trained to help those in dire need.


2. Another person’s home:

Some people arrive at another person’s house in one piece with all their belonging. They put their keys and other belongings somewhere where they think they will remember. When they get drunk or tired, they can hardly find their head, more or less their keys to their car, house (you name it).


3. Sewage:

A person can be standing outside holding their keys on a key chain. They could also be playing with the key chain as they are talking. All of the sudden the key chain could break causing the keys to fall down the sewage drain. That once happened to me and within seconds the keys quickly slid into the sewage hole. Thank goodness it was the key to my house and not my car.


4. Accidentally taking a set of keys to a vacation:

It has been famously known to happen when one family member takes a set of keys accidentally on vacation or when leaving a party. You actually do not lose they keys at this point. Yet when you realize you cannot find them, you panic. Usually the source of the loss is a dumb error on  a family member and/or friend’s part.


5. Dark Places:

When you are at clubs, restaurants and any place where there is low lighting, you are bound to lose or misplace something. Keys are popularly lost in these places. You may not close your pockets or purse properly. They may drop when you are walking or when your purse falls. It’s is a known fact to happen.


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