Top 10 November 5th Events

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1. Living Space-1937:

Hitler announces his imperial motives and to acquire living space for Germans. At this point, the quest to unite Germans had already begun. Hitler acquired Saarland through a plebiscite in 1934. In 1938, he incorporated Austria into the German empire, renewing grossdeutsch and kleindeutsch debate and invaded Sudetenland. At the Munich Conference, France and Britain felt that he had every right to do this.


2. Trial of Saddam Hussein-2006:

Saddam Hussein and 2 others were tried, convicted and sentenced to death on November 5, 2006 for their involvement in massacre on 14 Shi’as in 1982. Saddam Hussein’s following execution was a turning point in Iraqi grim history.


3. Woman Suffrage in United States-1872:

Susan B. Anthony voted for the first time while representing women suffrage rights. As she went against the United States laws, she was fined $100. Officially women could not vote until 1920 when the 19th Amendment was introduced.


4. Glorious Revolution-1688:

The Glorious Revolution began on November 5, 1688 by William III. This signaled great change as Catholicism was no longer practiced by the state, absolute monarchy was abolished and the Bill of Rights was passed. Monarchs were also now constrained by the parliament and the constitution.


5. Jean Chrétien Assassination Attempt-1995:

André Dallaire attempted to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada on November 5, 1995. He committed a break and entry in the home of the Prime Minister at 24 Sussex Drive. He was stopped by the Prime Minister’s wife who locked the door and called the RCMP. No harm was done to the Prime Minister or the wife.


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